The young woman laid in the large bed, exhausted but proud. Outside, birds were singing as they greeted the dawn of the morning. Her usually bright green skin was slightly pale from her exertions during the night and her long, thick, dark, forest green hair had come undone from its braid. And yet, the woman couldnít remember when she had been happier. Her coal black eyes glittered as they studied the small bundle in her arms.

Quietly the door to the bedroom opened and in came a young man, his blue eyes worried but happy. He ran his fingers through his lavender hair nervously as he cautiously approached the bed, afraid to disturb the scene before him. The woman looked up and smiled. "Itís all right Trunks. I just fed her. She should fall asleep soon."

The man she called Trunks smiled and sat on the bed next to the woman, putting his arm around her as he studied the bundle in her arms. Within the blankets in her arms was a small baby, itís skin an extremely pale shade of green and a few strands of lavender hair upon its head.

The baby opened its eyes to peer at the newcomer, revealing that they were a beautiful shade of blue, matching the manís eyes studying it. The babe yawned and closed its eyes, deciding sleep was more interesting. The young man was enchanted though, as he reached out to stroke the babeís incredibly soft cheek. "Oh, Lidal. Sheís perfect. What should we call her?"

The young woman he called Lidal continued smiling unabated. She was glad Trunks seemed as infatuated with their daughter as she was and wasnít disappointed she wasnít a boy. "I was thinking maybe Mitsu. What do you think?"

Trunks turned his head to gaze at his wife as he considered the name. "Mitsu. I like it. Itís better than being named after underwear."

Lidal snorted, thinking of her mother-in-law and what she had named her children. Grinning, Trunks kissed her softly. Lidal sighed as he pulled away and studied her daughter. Yes, life was good. She just hoped it would be as good for her daughter.


*The End*



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