(^^;): super-deformed smiley face with no mouth and a sweatdrop. it's similar to going "eheheheh...ummm...yeah.." or "Anou...."
(^.~): winking kawaiily
(@_@): dizzy face
Anou: ..errr, umm..,
Bai!: bye!
-chan: affectionate particle, used usually for children or girls, anime guys tend to get pissed if anyone calls them this, the one exception is when a guy and a girl are in an intimate relationship, then the guy doesn't get so pissed, in fact, in that situation, they love it!
Daimyo: Feudal perfectures of Japan. Each is ruled by a daimyo (person) sometimes called a bakufu.
Domo Gomen ne!: This might just be made up, but we would assume, "Many Apologies!"
Futon: frankly, a bunch of blankets on the floor meant to be a bed, actually, a Japanese bed similar to a sleeping bag
Gomen ne!: sorry!
Gomen nasai!: I'm sorry!
Kawaii: cute
Kisama: frankly, it means bastard
-ko: affectionate particle used to address a girl in a intimate relationship with a guy (the guy of the relationship is usually the one who uses this)
Koku: Feudal currency equal to about a bushel of rice. Also used to value parcels of land.
Kuchiba University: The University the main characters attend, "Kuchiba" is the original Japanese name for "Vermilion City" in Pokemon. -kun: basically it's the male version of "-chan"
Love Song ga Kikoeru: A really, really romantic slow song from the third Tenchi Muyo! movie. For those of you who find the song inapropriate for the situation, shuttup! we know very well that the song is "saying good-bye"!
Moshi moshi!: Hi!
o-cha: Green Tea
-okusan: address for a married woman
Onna-kisama: gravely offensive insult, means she bastard
Pizza: Believe it or not, pizza actually is popular in Japan (what do you expect, it came to Japan from America)! Tho, the ingredients are slightly different from the pizza we find in America, less sauce more seafood.
Pocky: For you poor naEe souls out there, Pocky is a Japanese cookie kinda like our chocolate covered pretzels, they're very addicting and have been nicknamed "The Official Snack of Anime Conventions"
Ri: A unit of distance equal to about one or two miles, depending on who you ask. More common in the countryside than in the city.
Sensei/-sensei: teacher or professor
Sushi: Nepu-chan would like to inform you all that sushi is not "raw fish", the word "sushi" actually refers to the rice, not the meat. As Nepu-chan says; "Sushi is like a Japanese sandwich, you put anything on top of vinegared rice, you call it sushi"
Zurui!: unfair!

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