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*trys to huggle Escaflowne* Owwww...metal things do NOT make good plushies... A guymelef walks into a bar...and promptly forgets to duck.

Where you're at now, I hope.
Did you hear the one about Hitomi and...oh just click here already...
Funny Pictures. No, I do not have the ones of you.
You know you have nothing better to do, so stop lying.
Why would you ever want to leave?

Baby, Love Shack! *notices visitors watching her shake her booty and takes off her headphones* Uh, long have you all been standing / sitting / dancing / reading / swimming there? *blushes deeply as a big ole anime sweatdrop forms on her forehead* Oi...Anywho, welcome to my Escaflowne humor site, featuring the title A Guymelef Walks into a Bar.., which you would know unless you have a problem reading the big title image above this text. O.o;; This site contains spoilers, so if you haven't seen the whole series yet, you've been warned. The navigation is pretty simple, so go and leave me alone! *goes back to listening to music*

SIGN and VIEW the gbook. Jeez, do I need to explain everything to you people?

AGWB Alexiel, 2002 Pictures have been doctored by me unless marked otherwise. Please do not steal other's people work, and please do not flame this site. Tenkuu no Escaflowne Sunrise and some other rich Japanese people living off sake and golden rice.

people have gone insane because of this site. *Sniffs* I'm so proud.