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Donít ask how this idea popped in my head. Just know that I donít own Escaflowne or SNL.

Hyper Dilandau

(scene opens with Dilandau struggling to get out a leash that is hooked to a tree in a forest)

Hitomi: (coming out from behind the trees) What a beautiful day. Itís so-Dilandau?! What are you doing here?!

Dilandau: (still struggling to get free) Folkie is at the nearby market, and didnít want me running off.

Hitomi: I can understand where heís coming from, but a leash?! I think thatís a little cruel.

Dilandau: Folkie thinks itís very necessary. One time, when the Vione was having mechanical problems, Folkie strapped the leash to the starboard and gave me a soda and three chocolate bars. I dragged that thing six miles, and when I got home, I was tired.

Hitomi: I would suppose so...

Dilandau: Know what? I have ADHD and like to burn things. Iím a hyper pyro.

Hitomi: (rolls eyes) I had no idea...

Dilandau: Even though Iím a guy, Iím beautiful.

Hitomi: Iím beautiful and a half.

Dilandau: Iím beautiful and three-fourths.

Hitomi: Iím beautiful plus infinty.

Dilandau: Iím beautiful plus one!

Hitomi: Whatever. (unwraps a bar of chocolate) Want some?

Dilandau: Youíre the devil!

Hitomi: (muttering) Thatís not the first time somebodyís called me that.

Dilandau: Youíre the devil!

Hitomi: (in sing song voice) Are you sure you donít want any? Itís really good...

(Dilandau takes one piece, but then stuffs the whole package in his mouth as he struggles to get out of the leash. He finally gets free, and is seen running through Gaea with an uprooted oak tree dragging behind him)


Note: I do not mean to offend people with ADHD or with their loved ones who have this disorder, but it was a part of the original SNL script that I thought fitted with Dilandauís character. Someone very close to me has ADHD, and I would never mean to offend anyone if I've written something wrong. Thank you.