This is a collection of the fanfiction writing I have done. They are for the most part all humor based fics.

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Chibi Hellsing Moments: The title says it all. A whole series about the random things that happen in the Hellsing world.

The Hellsing Christmas Ball: Integral is forced to hold a christmas ball at her mansion for a bunch of nobles. Meanwhile Enricho is making plans to crash the party.

The Blood Drive: With London still recovering from the Tower of London attack the hospitals can no longer provide hellsing with blood. Integral must find a new way to keep her vampires fed.

Doggy Alucard Dilemma: Alucard is trapped in dog form and has to survive life as a pooch.


Echo and Narcissus: Angel Sanctuary fic. The cast of Angel Sanctuary put on a play of the greek legend with yours truly acting as director.

Judge Briar: Circle of Magic fic. Tris and Niko are on trial. Guess who's the judge.

After Dinner Conversations: Yu Yu Hakusho fic. Kurama invited everyone over to dinner. Afterwords they adjourn to the living room.

Introverted Necromancy: A Dominic Deegan fanfic. Ever wonder what goes on in the life and mind of Jacob while he's at home?

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