Disclaimers and Other Legal Stuff

Ownership of the Series:
All series portrayed on this site are copyrighted their original creators, including but not limited to Naoko Takeuchi, Yuji Naka, and Yoshihiro Ono. Copyrights are also owned by several companies, including but not limited to SEGA, Nintendo, DiC, Sunrise Entertainment, Toei Animations, and Namco. This site is not meant to infringe copyright laws, it is simply an expression of fandom. No profit is being made from this site.
Translation: I don't own these series, I'm not making any money from this site, and I'm not trying to infringe on anybody's copyrights so please don't sue me! (I'm poor so you wouldn't get anything anyway!)

Content of External Links:
V-Babe makes it a policy not to link to, under any circumstances, any sites that she deems to be pornographic, X-rated, or otherwise intended for adult audiences only. Outside that, V-Babe can not assume any responsiblity for the content of any site she links to. The sites are not under her control. The sites may include content such as vulgar language, portrayal of homosexual relationships, or other mildly offensive, but still not adult rated, material.
Translation: Outside of refusing to link to adult- or X-rates sites I can't guarantee what's on those pages. You might see swearing or yaoi you won't find here. (Although I don't like swearing or yaoi, I don't consider it X-rated)

Portrayal of the Webmistress:
The full name used by the webmistress, "Venus Aphrodite", is not the actual name of the webmistress. It is a fictious name, and any resemblence to the name of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended. V-Babe does not intend to decieve visitors into thinking she is any character, including but not limited to Sailor Venus.
Translation: "Venus Aphrodite" isn't my real name, and I don't mean it to resemble anybody's real name! I also don't want to trick you into actually thinking I'm the real Sailor Venus.

Ownership of Images used on this site:
To V-Babe's knowledge, she has permission to use every image on this site, including but not limited to Fanart and those used to decorate the site. They were either sent directly to V-Babe for the purpose of adding to the site (in the case of Fanart, Comics, donations, ect) or were taken from sites where the owner gave permission to take the images. If a picture has taken been taken without permission, it was not intended. If the owner of the picture contacts V-Babe with the request to remove the image, the image will be removed as soon as possible. With the exception of fanart created by her, V-Babe assumes no ownership of the images.
Translation: Far as I know I have permission to use every image I have here, but if I've accidently taken something that belongs to you and you want it down, just tell me and I'll take it down as soon as I can. Save for the pictures I've drawn, I don't claim to own any of them.

Opinions expressed on the site:
Unless otherwise noted, all opinions expressed on the site are V-Babe's personal opinions and are not meant to cause offense, demean, or intimidate any person or group. Any opinion expressed by a visitor to this site, be it in a guestbook entry, a post in the boardroom, in a fanfiction, or otherwise, may not necessarily resemble V-Babe's opinion. However, all opinions are respected by the webmistress. Opinions expressed on this site may not represent the opinions of Angelfire, Lycos Network, or any creator(s) of a particular anime series
Translation: When I express my opinions here I'm not trying to offend anybody, and I'm sure my opinion doesn't match Angelfire's or any original creator of an anime series. I may or may not agree with any opinions people express on my site, although I certainly respect them.

Permission to use matierial:
By sending material to fanart, fanfiction, comics, or other areas V-Babe welcomes submissions, the sender is giving V-Babe permission to post them on that area of the site for entertainment purposes only. However, if for any reason should the sender not wish the material to be posted, the sender must state their wishes clearly and they will be honored. Any personal Emails sent to V-Babe will not be posted unless the sender gives their clear, express permission. Should the sender, for any reason, no longer wish their submission to appear on the site, they need only send a request to V-Babe and the request will be honored.
Translation: When you send me a submission you're giving me permission to use it on that area of the site, unless you clearly tell me you don't want it up. If you ever want me to take it down for any reason, just tell me and I will. If you send me an email just to say hi, I won't post it.

Privacy of Visitors:
No visitor to the site is under any obligation to reveal any personal information, and V-Babe collects no such information. When V-Babe posts a name to give credit for a submission, she uses the name supplied to her, be it real or fictitious, but will not under any circumstances knowingly post any person's real full name, phone number, address, or any other personal information. In the event a visitor supplies only their real first and last name, only the first name will be used to give credit. Should an error occur in the posting of a screenname to give credit, it was unintentional. The visitor is free to contact V-Babe about the error, and the error will be corrected as soon as possible.
Translation: There's no area of the site where you have to give your personal information, and I don't collect any. (I don't need it and it's none of my business anyway!) The closest I'll ever come is posting your screenname to give you credit for something you sent me, and the screenname is up to you. If you sign the email with your real first and last name, I'll just use your first name. If I make a mistake in posting your name (it's happened!) just tell me and I'll change it ASAP and apologize.

Continuation of Above: Privacy at the :::Insanity::: Boardroom
No personal information will be gathered at :::Insanity::: by V-Babe or by moderators for the purpose of selling or distributing it to third parties. IP addresses will not be logged except in cases of legal requirement. Any information revealed in posts by members is at the member's own risk.
Translation: I'm not going to give away your personal information if you're at :::Insanity:::, unless you break the law and I need to call the police. If you want to tell people your personal information in a post, that's your own risk.

Content of Advertisement Banners:
The banners contained on this page are beyond V-Babe's control. She is required to post them, but cannot assume any responsibilty for them.
Translation: I don't control what's on the advertisement banners here.