Should I Avoid This Site?

On some pages, there's a statement on the splash page that says "This site has shonen-ai content" or "This site has ecchi content" or "This site has *whatever* content". Some of them you might be offended by, some of them you might not be. Well, that's what this page explains so you'll know what content to avoid if you find it offensive.

Shonen-ai or Yaoi content means the site has stuff in it that relates to a male-male homosexual relationship. It could be just one section, or it could be the entire site.

Shoujo-ai or Yuri content is the same thing as Shonen-ai or Yaoi, but for a female-female relationship

(NOTE: Just because somebody doesn't like yaoi, is offended by or uncomfortable with yaoi, or does not have yaoi content on their page does not mean the person is anti-yaoi. Somebody who is anti-yaoi is a low-class jerk who flames yaoi sites and is otherwise mean to those who like yaoi)

If the site says "An open mind is required to enter", then the site probably has yaoi or yuri content

Lemons are fanfictions that describe adult situations. People under 18 should avoid them.

Limes are fanfictions that imply, but not necessarily describe, adult situations. You could think of it as one step below a lemon. Still, I wouldn't recommend it for the under-18 crowd.

Citrus could imply either lemons or limes.

Hentai content is pretty broad. It usually means lemons, limes, or other nasty material. However, some people define "hentai" as yaoi/yuri, swearing, or other things. My best advice - just be careful, especially if you're under 18.

Ecchi is, bluntly put, anime-based pornography. If you're under 18 stay far, far away from it.

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