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V-Babe: Now here's a question for you, you think I'd get a date with Maxi anytime soon?

Rei: Maxi? Maxi who?

V-Babe: *jaw drops* Maxi who? Maxi the most handsome of all the Soul Calibur fighters, that's who!!!!

Rei: I don't play fighting games, V-Babe! Besides, I don't think dating is really all it's cracked up to be...

V-Babe: Then you obviously haven't admired Maxi's hair or his nifty eyebrows...oh, man, I could stare into those eyes all day. You could get lost in them...*dreamy* just like the sea he loves so much...

Rei: *irritated* V-Babe!!! If I wanted this I'd have listened to Usagi rave about Mamoru! Now don't you have a link back to the main page to provide?

V-Babe: *cries Usagi-style* Rei, you're so mean...

Rei: *sighs* V-Babe, you are pathetic...

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