Comics and Such

Sometimes you want to express yourself using a little more than a single picture or a story. Sometimes only a comic will work. And not to mention comics are great! So, that's what this part of the site is all about.

Call it dounjinshi (fan-created manga), call it a comic, call it a Sprite comic if you want to, but it's always funny. (Unless it's created by V-Babe then it's most likely just plain cheesy...^_^;;;) If you have any you want to send me, just take a look at the guidelines below, which are basically the same as fanart and fanfiction. Other than that, enjoy what's here!

Gundam Wing
Will he react?-by Becca-Becca tries to spray Silly String at Trowa to see if he'll react. She said she got this from my "Top 10" list section. I laughed out loud when I saw it and reccommend it highly.
Another by Becca!-Sorry for the loss of graphic quality here, but it's still a great comic!

Sonic The Hedgehog
Red Turbo Ranger vs. Shadow - Shadow goes head-to-head with the Red Turbo Ranger. Amusing!
Sonic attempts to silence Eggman's bad singing-by V-Babe-Eggman tries to imitate *NSYNC and Brittney Spears
The Power of Cheese-by V-Babe-I think this one's a little better than my other one ^^;;;

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R Bloopers - by Jania-A few mistakes occured while the Sailor Moon R movie was being filmed.

"V-Babe, can I send a comic for you to put here?"
Sure! Yours would probably turn out a LOT better than mine anyway! ^_^;; Just follow these guidelines:
1. Your comic can be about any anime, manga, or video game you like.
2. You can make a sprite comic, a hand-drawn comic, or use whatever else you feel like!
3. If you make a sprite comic, be sure to give credit if you didn't make the sprites! (Including screenname and homepage URL)
4. No homosexual themes, filthy language, or hentai/ecchi.
5. Gory or adult-rated comics aren't allowed.

Your comic follow those guidelines? Well then send it my way!