Sailor Saturn vs. Mistress 9

I gotta give credit where credit is due here: Thanks to Aikan Kokoro for not only suggesting this battle, but helping me write it!

V-Babe: Welcome back to the arena, where strange battles have been fought before, and this one probably won't be the last.

Aikan: Hooray! I love battles... will the madness ever end?!?! MWAHAHHAHA!!!

V-Babe: Well, considering this Anyway, y'all are probably wondering who the heck it is up here in the box with me. She's got a Sailor Moon page of her own, her fave scouts are Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi-Chibi....

Hotaru: I like her already!

V-Babe: Everybody give a warm welcome to Aikan Kokoro!

Aikan: That's me! I feel special.

V-Babe: And since she's a self-proclamed expert on Sailor Saturn, I'm gonna allow Aikan here to introduce the challengers. Take it away, girl!

Aikan: First, our hero, Hotaru Tomoe, better known as Sailor Saturn, my favorite Senshi. Go, Hotaru!

Hotaru: Yay! ^_^

Aikan: And the challenger is... Hotaru's worst enemy! Mistress 9! Let'ssee who will win Hotaru's soul... its rightful owner, Hotaru, or the demon Mistress 9? Say, Mistress, where are the other eight?

V-Babe: Good question, whatever DID happen to Mistresses 1-8?

Mistress 9: *throws tantrum* Why does everybody ask me that?

V-Babe: Nice one! *high-fives Aikan*

Aikan: It's fun to get her mad!

Hotaru: Yeah? Well, this'll get you even madder! I'll teach you to try to take over my body! SATURN CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP!

Aikan: Hey, cool, that's the first time I've ever actually seen her transform! It's a little known fact that Hotaru is never seen transforming except for in the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars video game!

Mistress 9: Hehehe... I'm already winning! I have a DRAMATIC transformation scene on my first appearance! Now, let's see... I think I'll start by strangling her... hey! What's going on! I'm getting split ends?! Whaa...!

Sailor Saturn: Look who's laughing now, 9! I put up a silence wall... your stupid hair can't get thru it!

V-Babe: *laughing her head off* I think Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 are ready! *calms down a little* Aikan, are you ready?

Aikan: Heck yeah! I wanna see Sailor Saturn fight!

V-Babe: Great. As y'all know, the winner will be the one who either KOs her opponent first or knocks her out of the ring. Fight, ladies! *ding!*

Mistress 9: Wait! My split ends!

Aikan: Oh, shaddup and get on with the fight!

Sailor Saturn: I'm ready! Death... Reborn...

Aikan: STOOOOP!!! You're supposed to be knocking her out of the ring, not destroying the world!

Sailor Saturn: Oh. Sorry. I guess I just got caught up in the moment! Ahh!

Aikan: Whoa, girl, you just barely missed that power surge!

V-Babe: *checking to see if her heart is still beating* Dangit, Saturn! Don't DO that!

Sailor Saturn: Then how's this? Silence Glaive Surprise!

Aikan: Better!

Mistress 9: NOOO!!! MY HAIR IS SINGED!!!!!!!

Sailor Saturn: Better watch your back because your getting ready to be the bald lady!

Mistress 9: *Starts running madly to attack Saturn and trips over her own hair!* WAAAHHHH!!!!

V-Babe: *covers ears* Dangit! And people say SERENA'S crying is annoying?

Sailor Saturn: *swings glaive* There! Short enough for you?

Mistress 9: *stands, her hair has been cut to the length of Hotaru's*

Aikan: You should make it shorter, Hotaru!

V-Babe: Think Sailor Uranus!

Sailor Saturn: Better yet....Silence Glaive Surprise!

Aikan: The attack leaves Mistress 9's head a bald mess! Wait a second... it's GROWING BACK!!!???

Mistress 9: Mwahahaha!!! Thanks for the trim, but my hair always grows back! *Suddenly weighted down by the quickly growing hair* ACK!!

Sailor Saturn: *charges at Mistress 9... glaive first*

Aikan: Saturn starts charging at the Mistress....

Mistress 9: WHOA! *falls to the side to dodge, but teeters on the edge*

V-Babe: Sailor Saturn's got a chance here.....

Sailor Saturn: *while Mistress 9 gathers herself, Saturn takes out pocket knife and quickly sharpens glaive.*

Aikan: *eyes wide* Where'd that pocket come from!?

V-Babe: Uhhhh...Charleston? *action stops, everybody stares at V-Babe with where-the-heck-did-that-come-from-you-ditz looks, she sweatdrops* Uh...oops?

Sailor Saturn: DIE, MISTRESS!!! *swings glaive*

Mistress 9: You think you're about to win, but I have this!!! *pulls out wooden stake*

Aikan: Where are these things COMING from?

Sailor Saturn: *stopping, and arching her eybrows* You think you're going to be me with a wooden stake? That's for VAMPIRES... not Senshi.

Mistress 9: You really think you're going to win this, aren't you?

Sailor Saturn: I'll show you!

Aikan: Sailor Saturn jumps to Mistress 9's side and uses her glaive to trip her up!

V-Babe: Teetering on the edge there.....

Sailor Saturn: Silence Glaive Surprise!

Aikan: The attack hits Mistress 9 full-out in the front, knocking the Mistress out of the ring AND KOing her MAKING SAILOR SATURN THE WINNER!!! Who ever doubted it?

Sailor Saturn: Well I sure hope YOU didn't!

Aikan: Never did, Hotaru-san!

V-Babe: And neither did I! Thank you, Aikan!

Aikan: No problem! ^_^

V-Babe: And from the Insanity Arena, I'm V-Babe...

Aikan: And I'm Aikan, signing off!

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