Maxi vs Astaroth

I have to apologize for the loading time. This was my first attempt at writing an anime battle. Some of these pictures are at the Harbor of Souls (Maxi's stage) and some are at Nightmare's stage (I'm not even going to TRY to spell it!). But please don't hold that against me, just enjoy the battle!
PS. If you're patient, the picture up there will turn into an animated GIF of Maxi fighting Astaroth! Isn't that spiffy?

V-Babe: It looks like our contestants are ready. This battle is sure to be an interesting one, considering one is out for revenge against the other....

Maxi: I ought to do to you exactly what you did to Kyam, you...

Astaroth: You don't scare me, you worm! Get lost!

Maxi: Oh, that's original!

V-Babe: I've got to side with Maxi here....Astaroth, can't you think of any more original insults?

Astaroth: V-Babe! Start the fight before I make worm food out of you!

V-Babe: *stands and shakes her fist at Astaroth* Hey, Bub, that is NO way to talk to a lady!

Maxi: Let ME cream him, OK? You just provide the commentary!

V-Babe: All right, all right! Sheesh! OK, one one side, we have the "Soldier of the Herectics"....don't ask me what that means.......swinging an axe even bigger than he is....Astaroth!

Astaroth: Die, you worm!

V-Babe: *obviously frustrated* Did I ALSO mention he's all muscle and NO brains who can't think of any other insults except "worm"?

Maxi: All right, V-Babe! Enough beatiní on the obvious! When do I get to beat on that!?*indicating Astaroth*

V-Babe: Pretty soon. *clears throat* And on another side is the "Dandy of the South Seas" *adds "who is SO handsome" under her breath* weilding a nunchaku made by one of his pirate crewman.....MAXI!

Maxi: I'll destroy all enemies! You'll die, Astaroth!

V-Babe: OK, you know the rules: Anything goes, and the winner isn't declared until the other is either knocked unconsious or knocked out of the ring. Maxi, are you ready?


V-Babe: Astaroth, are you ready?


V-Babe: Gee, you figure you could think of something else to say. OK, guys! FIGHT! *ding!*

V-Babe: And Astaroth starts off the fight by jumping in to slice Maxi in half.....

Astaroth: DIE!

V-Babe: But Astaroth misses Maxi by a MILE!

Maxi: Ha! Is that the best you can do???

V-Babe: Maxi wastes no time in running behind Astaroth to use his throw....but Astaroth breaks out of it and whacks Maxi halfway across the ring!

Astaroth: Dead yet?

V-Babe: Gee, if he has to ask......Maxi's not moving......Astaroth is moving closer to his apparent victim to add insult to injury....

Astaroth: Ha! All too easy.....

V-Babe:WHOA! Maxi has jumped up and whacked Astaroth into the air with his nunchaku....GO MAXI! You gotta admit, that was a pretty good trick....OK, Astaroth takes a few hits while he's still in the air and lands on his back. As Maxi runs in to stomp him a few tmes, Astaroth jumps up and slams down his axe....

V-Babe:And JUST BARELY misses the pirate!

Maxi: What's the matter? Luck running low?

Astaroth:Get lost! This match will be mine!

V-Babe: THAT'S EDGE MASTER'S LINE! Oh, well, back to the commentary. Astaroth swings his axe again, but Maxi blocks the attack. Astaroth then holds his axe in front of him and starts spinning around.....and laughing moronically. Gee, Asty, if you're supposed to be intimidating....Man! He's still spinning! Soon Astaroth gets dizzy and he's staggering. Reminds me of Yoshimitsu!

V-Babe: Maxi takes advantage of Astaroth's dizziness to show off his Shissen Karihadi skills a bit...


V-Babe: Go, Maxi!

Astaroth: V-Babe! As commentator you're supposed to be're not supposed to pick favorites!

Maxi: She's obviously taking the side of the guy who is going to win this fight! ME!

V-Babe: *she thinks: ďAs if itís not OBVIOUS whose side Iím on! ^_^Ē* Astaroth is blown across the ring by Maxi's blow. It doesn't look good for Astaroth, people...he's still kind of dizzy, he's overall stupid, plus he's got the crowd against him. Face it Astaroth, you're not very popular. Maxi runs towards his downed opponent, slides in with a kick, and stomps him while he's down! Maxi is showing NO mercy today! Maybe this will teach Astaroth he can't go around killing people!

Astaroth: Why not?

V-Babe: *sighs in frustration* Because it's RUDE! But seeing as you don't know anything about manners in the first place, I think you deserved that roundhouse Maxi dealt you while you were arguing with me! Maxi's rushing towards Astaroth again, but this time Astaroth is ready....


V-Babe: And apparently I was wrong! Astaroth attempts to attack, but Maxi's just too fast for him! This battle is going in Maxi's favor!

Astaroth: Not for long!

V-Babe: Astaroth once again misses the blow. In fact, it was the exact same move he made earlier in the match! Goes to show ya, the bigger they are the dumber they get! The two contestants are facing each other off......neither of them wanting to make the first move....

Maxi: *as a sly smile crosses his face* Hey, Astaroth, I'll forfiet the match if you can answer me one question.

V-Babe: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Astaroth: *idiotic laughter* Bring it on, worm!

V-Babe: I guess I was silly to worry, this guy can't even think of any other insults....

Maxi: What's 2+2?

V-Babe: CAN YOU PEOPLE BELIEVE ASTAROTH???? He has just put down his axe and is counting the answer on his fingers......


V-Babe: ASTAROTH IS BLOWN SKY-HIGH! I doubt he's even going to land in the looks like....Astaroth lands on his back out of the ring and Maxi is the victor! Any words to your fallen opponent, Maxi?

Maxi: Just this, V-Babe. *turns to Astaroth and smirks evily* It's been fun!