Malachite vs Queen Beryl

Well, y'all KNEW a battle like this had to come...think about what a witch Beryl is and all she's put Malachite through! Will Malachite get his revenge? ^_^ Read and find out!
Oh, and when I refer to Zoicite in this battle I call "it" a female. I know, I know, Zoi's really a man in Japan, but hey-this is America!

V-Babe: The Negaverse is divided against itself in this match!

Malachite: Well, what did you expect me to do? Take it quietly?

V-Babe: Well, I guess not.....

Beryl: Shows how much sense you have, Malachite!

V-Babe: Well, Beryl, you don't go around killing your generals! Not that I don't like the Sailor Scouts, but puh-leese! You figure Zoicite did you a favor by killing Tuxedo Mask! But nnnnoooooo.... YOU had to go off and kill her! Why? All because of YOUR crush on a man you can't have...oh, what's his name PRINCE ENDYMION!!! Geeze, you remind me of.....


V-Babe: All right already! Sheesh! OK, on this side, the guy who just yelled at me...darn him....

Malachite: I can deck you right now....

V-Babe: And he's STILL yelling at me....Queen Beryl's top general Malachite!

Malachite: Call it a revolution....

V-Babe: And on the other side we've got the calm, cool....not to mention sadistic and ugly....

Beryl: I could put you into Eternal Sleep right now if I wanted to, V-Babe! My advice would be to cut the smart remarks!

V-Babe: *gulp!* OK, The calm, cool queen of the Negaverse, Queen Beryl!

Beryl: Malachite will suffer the same fate as Zoicite!

V-Babe: Then let's go! Malachite, are you ready?

Malachite: Start the fight!

V-Babe: Queen Beryl, are you ready?

Beryl: Lemme at 'im!

V-Babe: OK, same rules apply: anything goes, but the winner isn't declared until he or she whacks his or her opponent unconscious out of the ring. Ready?


V-Babe: *gulp!* No problem! *ding!*

Malachite: EAT FIRE, BERYL!

V-Babe: Malachite starts charging up a nasty-looking fireball with Beryl's name on it! But Beryl sidesteps and launches a fire attack of her own....Malachite's down!

Beryl: HA! I'm just getting warmed up!

V-Babe: OK, that was a REALLY bad pun! Malachite jumps up and blasts Beryl with his ring attack, knocking the evil queen dangerously close to the edge of the ring.

Malachite: Give up!

Beryl: You only wish I would so this would go easier for you!

V-Babe: Well, I always tell them they can forfiet......back to the commentary. Beryl jumps away from the edge and blasts Malachite with all she's got! Malachite manages to save himself from being knocked out of the ring.

Beryl: If you forfiet, I'll give you a painless death, unlike Zoicite!

V-Babe: C'mon, Mal! You can't forfiet! Think of Zoicite! Maybe for the viewers I'd better explain what happened: After Zoicite acted against Queen Beryl's orders and killed Tuxedo Mask, Beryl blasted Zoicite....let's just say it didn't turn out well for the poor girl....

V-Babe: Malachite gathers all the energy he can handle.....

Malachite: Prepare to lose, Beryl! This one's for Zoicite!

Beryl: TRAITOR!!!!

V-Babe: The blast knocks Queen Beryl not only out of the ring, but also knocks her flat out at the same time! Malachite is the victor of this round!

Malachite: Was there ever any doubt?

V-Babe: *nervously* No! Of course not! So Malachite, any words to your opponent?

Malachite: You had it coming you low-life little....

V-Babe: I think we get the picture....*glances at Beryl* Oohh, she's not looking too good...IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?