Heero Yuy vs. Duo Maxwell

Hey, y'all KNEW these two had to fight! I mean, when Duo first met Heero he shot him...twice. Then Heero shot Duo, then Duo shot Heero, then he shot him....I think you get the idea. Enjoy this!

V-Babe: THIS is bound to be an interesting fight...I've already noticed several girls in the audience are fainting at the sight of Duo.

Duo: Really, who can blame them?

Heero: Shut up, Maxwell.

Duo: Lighten UP, man!!

V-Babe: OK, um, let me just start off with the customary introductions.

Heero: Do whatever. I've got more important things to do.

V-Babe: How 'bout this, Heero: It is your mission to fight Duo!

Duo: *smile* Yeah, Heero, and you're not about to mess up your mission, right?

Heero: *annoyed look* Just start the fight.

V-Babe: Whatever you say. In one corner, we have the "perfect soldier", the impatient pilot of Wing Gundam...Heero Yuy!

Heero: Watch it, V-Babe.

V-Babe: You don't scare me, Heero.

Heero: *death glare* I should

V-Babe: Well, you donít. Anyway, in the other corner, we have the great Shinigami, the happy-go-lucky pilot of Gundam Deathscythe.....Duo Maxwell!

Duo: That's me, the God of Death himself! Anyone who sees me has a date with his maker.

Heero: Somehow I'm not worried.

V-Babe: So, let's get on with this, shall we? Duo, are you ready?

Duo: *rubs hands eagerly* Whenever you are, V!

V-Babe: Heero, are you ready?

Heero: I'll destroy Duo.

*all of a sudden, Heeroís watch beeps, and all action stops as everyone turns to Heero and watches as he glances at his watch*

Heero: After this mission. *Grabs his gun and rushes out of the ring*

Duo: Wha???? Heero, you can't do this to me! *looks frustrated and slaps his forehead* Ugh, why do I even bother with this guy? He's anti-social, he's evil...ah, listen, V, I'll see ya later. Heero's gonna need someone to bail him outta trouble. *likewise, Duo grabs his gun and leaves the ring*

V-Babe: *sits in disbelief for a moment, then sighs and rests her head on her hands* Well, that was a bust!