Ash vs. James

Here's another battle. These are SO much fun to write! Hope y'all like 'em, too. ^_^



Jessie: To protect the world from devastation...

James: To unite all peoples within our nation...

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

James: To extend our reach to the stars above...

Jessie: JESSIE!

James: JAMES!

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Ash: JAMES! You and I ARE HERE to FIGHT! And SHE'S *points to Jessie* NOT ALLOWED TO FIGHT!

V-Babe: Sorry, Jessie, but the kid is right. This is a one-on-one battle between Ash and James.

Jessie: I know, I know...but he NEEDED ME for the motto!

V-Babe: I can understand that, but you'll have to leave the ring. Sorry, girl.

Jessie: *Leaving the ring to sit in the stands* KNOCK THAT TWIRP DEAD, JAMES!

James: Believe me, Jessie, it'll be a pleasure!

Ash: Not as much of a pleasure as I'm going to get beating you!

V-Babe: Pipe down, you two! The battle hasn't even begun yet! Geeze! Anyway, since James has already taken care of his introduction with his partner Jessie, I guess I only have to introduce the other challenger: A young boy from Pallet Town training to be a pokemon master, and hardly ever seen without his Pikachu....ASH KETCHUM!

Ash: I'm gonna be the number one Pokemon master! And I'll teach you, James!

James: Yeah? Teach me what?

Ash: Teach you not to mess with me!

V-Babe: OOOOHHHH! Ash, them's FIGHTIN' words! Are you ready?

Ash: I already said I was!

V-Babe: James, are you ready?

James: I'll teach this brat to respect Team Rocket!

V-Babe: OK, then, you both know the rules: No pokemon or partners are allowed, anything else goes. First one to knock his opponent down flat or out of the ring is the victor. Ready boys? FIGHT! *ding*


V-Babe: James wastes no time going in for the first blow! Ash is caught by surprise and dodges by the skin of his teeth!

Ash: Is that all you got?

V-Babe: Ash counteracts with a blow to James that causes James to stagger for only a split-second before making a spin kick to Ash, knocking the young boy flat on his face! Ash gets up...


V-Babe: PIKACHU ISN'T ALLOWED TO BATTLE, ASH!!! While Ash tried to bring his pokemon into this battle, James was able to grab Ash and throw him clear across the ring and Ash nearly falls out of it! But Ash gets up and faces James once again!

Ash: You'll pay for that, James!

James: Really now, am I supposed to be scared?

V-Babe: Looks like Ash is really getting mad, folks! James is standing dangerously close to the edge...

Ash: So you're giving up, huh?

V-Babe: Ash races at James to knock him out of the ring.....but James steps out of Ash's way at the last minute and Ash is now teetering on the edge! James gives Ash a tiny shove and ASH IS KNOCKED OUT OF THE RING, LEAVING JAMES AS THE WINNER

James: I won!

Ash: NO FAIR! Rematch!

V-Babe: Sorry, Ash. James used a trick you fell for, and won fair and square. James, do you have any comments?

James: Jessie! Let's get Meowth and go celebrate with some doughnuts!

V-Babe: Oh, yeah, that's you all right...