A li'l background might be spoiler for some people: Alright…let’s get down to it…YUKINA IS HIEI’S TWIN SISTER!!! Anyway…she is an ice maiden. She was separated from her brother as infants and when she was old enough, she went looking for him. A greedy man captured her for her teargems. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei saved her, if I’m not mistaken. Hiei didn’t tell her they were related, but only said he was a friend. Kuwabara fell head over heels for her and I think she is too nice and won’t tell him to leave her alone. She is the healer of the group and at the end of the series, she gave Hiei her teargem. She then called him brother and said she was not going to keep looking for her brother and that Hiei was probably like her brother. All I say is she is really sweet.

Looks: Pretty sea green hair, tied back by a red ribbon,red ruby eyes, pale skin, somewhat short, usually wears a blue kimono. She is really cute, however, that is my opinion.

Why I Elected Her: She is by far, one of the prettiest girls in anime. She is sweet and if you gave her the chance, I bet she’d freeze you up! She could freeze someone to death but she is too nice!

Ideal Boyfriend: Hm…some one nice…sweet…cute…and will protect her…someone I hate to say, like Kazuma Kuwabara

Voice: I think it is soft and fits her perfectly! That is all I have to say really!