Asuka Langley Sorhyu

A li'l background: (Spoilers at the end) Asuka is the ‘second child’, the second qualifier for the Evangelion pilot program. She’s incredibly bright, and has already graduated from a German University at the age of 14. This coupled with the praise that she has received when she first found out she was a potential Eva pilot, Asuka has become very proud, and arrogant. However, this is only a cover up, to help her forget her past, for when she was 4, Asuka witnessed her own mother’s descent into madness and her eventual suicide. Because of this, Asuka hides her true feelings behind a wall of pride and arrogance. Nearing the end of the series, Auska’s mind is ‘torn apart’ by the 15th Angel, Arael, and she is forced to remember these images to their horrifying conclusion. Because her mind is so badly affected by this, she cannot pilot the Eva at her original standard, and her abilities slide until her synchronization ratio reaches zero. Asuka no longer perceives any self worth in herself after this, and loses the will to live.

Which is a pity, because she’s so darn cute!

Looks: Auska’s got the body of a professional athlete, however it’s well hidden under her incredibly slim frame. She has long red hair that comes down to her back, and she keeps her neural connectors (Red clips that connect onto the hair, to achieve better synchronization with the Eva and the pilot) permanently in place, so that everybody will recognize her as an Eva pilot. She’s quite attractive too. Did I mention that?

Voice: Auska’s whiny, almost irritating voice actually compliments her personality well. However, that’s all I’m going to comment about.

It's her looks that I love. I'm quite sure that I said that...

Ideal Boyfriend: I’d have to say that Auska’s ideal boyfriend would be someone who has a similar personality, someone very proud and a master at his chosen field of skill. Since she likes looks over personality though, I’d have to say that anyone who is handsome, lets his facial hair grow into a stubble, and has long hair tied at the back, would be alright with her. Yes, I’m describing her crush here, Ryoji Kaji. As Asuka says “Kaji’s the only real man in my life…” Kaji is 29, more than double her age. So why does this not surprise me?

Why I Elected Her: Asuka’s got a very powerful drive, and she’s actually quite awesome when she dons her plug suit, she's soo cute in some episodes too. I admire her perseverance and also admire her looks, so Auska’s a natural choice for this page.