A li'l background (might be spoiler for some people): Botan is, in fact, the Deity ot Death or the Grim Reaper. A ferry-girl. She carries the souls of death humans (ningens) and demons from the Ningenkai (Human World) and Makai (Demon World). She is the Jr. God of Death, Koenma Daiou's, personally assistant and keeps him in line. Botan is also Yusuke Urameshi's partner and Team Urameshi's manager.

Looks: Sky blue hair constantly tied into a ponytail behind her or on the side of her head, soft lavander eyes, and fair skin. Botan normally either wears a a pink kimono with a white sash wrapped around it. She is normally seen flying on her oar.

Why I Elected Her: Botan is one of the most strongest female characters in Yu Yu Hakusho. Sure, she can't compare to Shizuru's all 'round butt kicking or Keiko's slap, but she has a mean oar swing and her metal baseball bat doesn't feel too good either. She can take care of herself in a crisis and doesn't constantly need guarding.

Ideal Boyfriend: Someone sweet, nice, and worries about her even if he won't admit it. I'd say Koenma would be her ideal boyfriend since they have been together for over a 400 hundred years.

Voice: Cynthia Cranz does an excellant job as Botan's English voice actor. I doubt anyone could do better for her.