Background: Kikyou is a priestess from the Warren States (I think that's it) Era. She is a very powerful Miko with incredible archery skills. She once guarded the Shikon no Tama and maintained its purity. Demons from all over tried to steal the jewel from her, but she killed them all. Until one day, a half-demon named Inuyasha tried to take it from her in order to become a full demon. She refused to kill him because he was half-human. So instead, he followed her around, and before anyone knew it, they had fell in love. Kikyou was blessed with supernatural powers and therefore, could not live the life of a normal woman. She constantly held responsibility, taking care of everyone, and guarding the jewel. So, she and Inuyasha decided one day that he'll use the jewel to become human, and therefore the Shikon would disappear and Kikyou will be free of her powers, and could live the life of a normal woman. And she and Inuyasha could finally be together. But things did NOT go as planned. An evil, shift-shaping demon named Naraku took on the form of Inuyasha. He approached Kikyou and killed her. Of course Kikyou didn't know that it wasn't really Inuyasha, so she died hating him for "betraying" her. Then Naraku convinced the REAL Inuyasha to break into Kikyou's village and steal the Shikon Jewel. Kikyou, bloodied and bruised, caught up with Inuyasha, and with her last once of strength, she used her Enchanted Arrow to "kill" him, and she told her younger sister, Kaede, to burn she Shikon with her body. Fifty years later, Kikyou's ashes was stolen from Kaede's shrine, and a witch ressurected her in order to steal the undead Miko's powers. Kikyou saw Inuyasha and she tried to kill him, thinking he "betrayed" her fifty years ago. She eventually learns the truth about her death, and now she's after Naraku.

Voice: Kikyou's voice is ALL-WOMAN!!! It's very mature, and refined. I think it suits her well.

Looks: Her beauty is very natural and pure. I see why men like Inuyasha and Onigumo, and that evil demon, Naraku, is obessed with her. I always compare her to a Japanese Barbie Doll! (Except a NATURAL LOOKING ONE, LoL!)

Ideal boyfriend: Inuyasha, of course!!! Inuyasha was a half-demon who didn't love anyone! Until he met Kikyou, he was an evil, cold-harted hanyou. Kikyou taught him how to love and to be loved. And from there, they created love... until Naraku destroyed it!!! *sobs*

Why I nominated her: Well, for starters, most people on the Net HATE Kikyou!!! I'm one of her rare fans!!! She's a beautiful, powerful, Miko who will take NOTHING from NO ONE!!! She isn't afraid of ANYONE, and you have ONE CHANCE to mess with her!!! If you do, she'll destroy you!!! Kikyou isn't afraid of anyone or anything, and I like that. She's very capable of taking care and defending herself. (I call her a female gangsta, LoL!) Kikyou is my GIRL!!