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Sailor Moon - Astrology

Astrology in Sailor Moon is very important. It plays an important role in their personalities and their respected colors. I don't know much about each astrological sign and how they play a part in the show, but I've gathered some information from books. None of the following was written by me. Knowing a little bit about astrology helps you to understand the scouts' personalities.


Aries: Fire red
Cancer: This is a quote from Sun Signs: "...she wears pale gold and the shimmering colors of moonlight." Neat, huh? :)
Virgo: White and navy blue
Libra: Copper
Scorpio: Dark maroon or deep wine-red
Capricorn: Jet black
Aquarius: Sapphire blue
Pisces: Aquamarine

Usagi Tsukino - June 30th - Cancer
Cancers in general:
Cancers are generally sweet, gentle and understanding people. They are soft-hearted, but are easily wounded, and don't take criticism well. They are known for enormously expressive features (expressive enough to spawn a funny faces gallery :)) and their quickly changing moods are so intense they can be felt. Cancers can be plagued with feelings of inadequacy, and a cancer woman is always concerned that her SO (significant other :)) doesn't love her enough, but she won't let go of that person. Cancer women also tend to cry alot. Cancers have a strong maternal instinct and there is no end to the heroic sacrifice that a cancer is capable of for those they love. Cancer rules the stomach; cancerians love to eat, and wasting food is a crime to them.

Rei Hino - April 17th - Aries
Aries in general:
Aries people are strong and forceful. They are fearless and direct, frank and honest, with a touchy temper and are never shy about voicing their opinions. They never show pain; they'd rather be dead than considered weak. Aries are never lazy, they are hard workers and have a tendency to feel that doing it themselves is the fastest way to get things done. An Aries is loyal to friends and loved ones, they will throw away everything for someone they care about.

Ami Mizuno - September 10th - Virgo
Virgos in general:
Virgos are perfectioninsts who methidocally note the smallest details. They are basically shy, standing out as loners, and tend to be uncomfortable in crowds. They very much emphasize duty over fun, and can't stand procrastination or laziness. Virgos are known to be brilliant, they are dependable and sincere and make excellent doctors and nurses.

Minako Aino-December 5th-Libra
Libra in general:
Librans are goodnatured and pleasant, kind and gentle people. They are social, and love people. They dislike extremes, and have a strong sense of justice. Librans can be indecisive, and love to argue every point. Librans tend to be flirtatious, romantic and charming, and enjoy falling in love.

Setsuna Meioh-October 29th-Scorpio
Scorpio in general:
Scorpios are intense, proud and powerful. They are tough and determined, and can be manipulative without even trying. They are truthful to the point of being brutal. They are magnetic and totally confident in themselves. Scorpios have a drive to dominate and hate weakness.

Makoto Kino - December 5th - Sagittarius
Sagittarius in general:
Sagittarians are restless people. They are tall and athletic, and never back down from a fight. It's common for them to rebel against authority. They hate injustice, especially unjust accuastions. They are outspoken and independent, and can seem aloof. They are also brave and optimistic, and will dive recklessly in love. They are honest to a fault, and don't lie well. Sagittarians are warm and generous with their friends, and love food.

Hotaru Tomoe - January 6th - Capricorn
Capricorn in general:
Capricorns are meticulous and driven by routine. They tend to be melancholy, and are practical and patient, serious and reserved. They are shy, but can be stubborn, and are very intense. Capricorns tend to be prone to illness, and are physically frail.

Haruka Tenoh - January 27th - Aquarius
Aquarius in general:
Aquarians march to the beat of their own drummer. And they march a lot. Aquarians are motion oriented. They're always on the move, constantly going, and are very athletic. They are intelligent, concise and logical. Aquarians do not like help from others, and will only accept it on their terms. They do not make friends easily, and can seem cold or withdrawn. But they are faithful to friends and loved ones for life.

Michiru Kaioh - March 6th - Pisces
Pisces in general:
Pisces are intutive, they are considered the most "psychic" of the zodiac. They are imaganitive and sensitive, compassionate, kind, caring and selfless. They are artistically gifted, often finding fufillment on the stage. Pisceans are often more concerned with others problems than with their own. They are intensely loyal and faithful to loved ones.