Hello! Sorry this has been kind of non-existent of late but I just could not keep up with the flood of responses that this portion of the site generated. I have also had a very trying month simply because of family matters... mainly the kids illness. Because of this many of you did not get any reply from me or might have even received partial replies. Please accept my apology.   

Because things have not been going well with SL and the fact that the response was much more than I could handle, I am now going to try something new. I am opening a very small and select VCD shop. Here you will be able to get very good quality fansubs with little to no problems in comparison to those HK and Taiwan copies that you spend practically a fortune for but then the subs are so messed up you can't understand them. Here you won't have a problem as they are made by fans for fans and have near perfect to perfect subtitles. Please read the FAQ before you e-mail me questions... Your answers should be found there. 

**Please note: I will not have anything licensed in Anime here on the site. Do not e-mail me about Trigon, Sailor Moon, Bebop ect. I will ignore you. 
***Note #2 I will have Jpop Vids, JDrama, and Anime here. Please see separate sections listed below.. 

Anime Series 

Da! Da! Da! 30 Episodes *Complete* 10 disks
Dear Boys 22 Episodes Ongoing 7 disks
Dr. Rin 3 Episodes Ongoing *I think* 1 disk
E's Otherwise 22 Episodes Ongoing 7 disks
Full Moon wo Sagashita 52 Episodes *Complete* 18 disks
Kaleido Star 15 episodes Ongoing 5 disks
Mermaid Melody 14 episodes Ongoing 4 disks
Pretear *Complete* 5 disks
Princess Tutu 23 Episodes Ongoing 7 disks
Puchi Puri Yuushi 21 Episodes Ongoing 7 disks
Ragnarok 26 Episodes *Complete* 9 disks
 Saishu Heiki Kanojo  13 episodes *Complete* 5 disks
Scrapped Princess 24 episodes *Complete* 8 disks
Stellvia of the Universe 26 Episodes *Complete* 9 disks
Tenshi ni Konamaiki  28 Episodes Ongoing 9 disks
Tokyo Mew Mew 29 Episodes Ongoing 9 disks
Ultra Maniac 22 Episodes Ongoing 7 disks


GTO *Complete*
Virgin Road *Complete* 
Oyajii 11 Episodes *Complete* 11 disks
Strawberry on the Shortcake 9 Episodes *Complete* 9 disks
Majo no Jouken 11 Episodes *Complete* 11 disks
Summer Snow 7 Episodes *Complete* & uncompleted 7 disks HQ 1/2 series
11 disks LQ entire series
Beautiful Life 11 Episodes *Complete* 11 disks
Merry X-mas in Summer 3  Episodes Ongoing 3 disks
Hero 11 Episodes *Complete* 11 disks

J-Pop Music Vids