Musical Expressions.......

This page is for those interested in Music from other cultures. Mainly Japanese, Chinese, Korean. I hope all of you will take the time to at least listen and view the links below. Most all the songs are ballads of which I am wild about. The passion, sensuality and expression come through when you have wonderful singers that show their soul to those around the world.
Listen...Learn... and enjoy all the wonderful melody's I have searched for and found. 

From one heart to another. Travel the souls of wonderful people and believe in the love in the world around us.

  X Japan

  Video from "X" the movie in which they did the ending song.   X Japan Lyrics Sailor Bacon's Lyrics site. Lyrics for almost every anime you can possibly think of as well as the J-Pop singers out there.

And Lyrics of my Favorites from X Japan are

Crucify My Love, Endless Rain, Longing, Say Anything



Utada Hikaru

Favorite Music by this singer:  Eternally,  Love is never enough,  First Love,  Distance.  


Music in MP3 Korean Music site. Full of MP3 music and some awesome Music Video's. One singer called "Moonchild" Male singer is absolutely to die for when you listen to a song called "For your love.." Kpop Music Wonderful site. Click on Video section and there is an entire page of working stream play video.