Marmalade Boy
Parent Review and Summery
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   This story centers around the relationship's) between friend & family. The series also revolves around the feelings of love, sadness, confusion, anger, and several other emotions surrounding the everyday lives of Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura as well as many of their friends and family.   

  The story revolves around Miki, who's (selfish and silly) parents come back from a short vacation ready to divorce ( quite happily I might add). Not only do they want to divorce but the want to remarry with another couple they met while away on Vacation O_0. Miki is totally against it and can't seem to talk her parents out of it. Her parents plan on doing it anyways and set up a dinner with the other family involved. Miki, very headstrong and concerned about her family, herself, their sanity, and hers tries very hard to deal with the situation that has been dealt to her. She later finds out that the other couple has a son about her age and decides that she will win him over and together they will oppose their troublesome parents.

   Nothing turns out the way she wants and the next thing you know, the parents are divorced, both sets of family's have moved in together as one big family, and Yuu (their son) is now enrolled at her school. There you meet a whole cast of characters from Miki's best friend, to their teacher, to the person that actually likes Miki (Ginta) but who turned down her affections and has regretted it ever since. Love's Rival kicks in. Ginta doesn't like Yuu and later when he realizes that Yuu and Miki are actually living in the same house (Not knowing the family situation) he gets really annoyed and decides he's going to tell her what he should have from the beginning. Yuu always manages to show up at the right time in order to save Miki. ^_^ He's actually fallen in love with Miki himself but is very reserved about it and doesn't show his feelings other than what one would assume to be "brotherly". Brotherly, that is until.....

   Miki is confused by what she feels. It not only appears that she actually likes, Yuu.... She gets jealous when a fellow classmate (male) named Matsura happens to always be around Yuu hanging out and then trouble starts to brew. Her friend, Mieko, teasingly suggests that Yuu and Matsura could be a couple. That they don't know what type person he really is. Miki freaks out and decides she wants Matsura away from Yuu. 

   During Physical Ed class (during their running class) she runs up to Matsura. Words are exchanged and Matsura tells her a few things that freak her out more. She chews him out and he gets annoyed and thinks to himself he's going tease her more. He tells her that they have a relationship that she can't touch. With that remark she challenges him and says if she wins he can't touch Yuu. He retorts with "Well if I win, I CAN touch Yuu." After that remark she looses it and runs into a pole, slumps to the ground and passes out. 

   Matsura carries her to the infirmary. Mieko, Miki's best friend arrives to check up on her, then leaves. Yuu is talking to Mieko outside and Miki hears this. He says he wants to check on her and Miki plays possum. (Yes you heard me, she plays dead or in this case sleeping) Yuu walking in calls to her and gets no response. He stares at her for a few moments and then leans over and kisses her on the lips. Miki still plays possum...... when he leaves she jerks upright and is astonished that he likes her that much. This story has so much going on it's just too much to mention. You've just got to see this if your a romantic at heart.. It's a very cute and engaging series. 


   I LOVE THIS STORY !!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! This is such a cute series. There is enough going on that it will constantly make you either laugh your butt off or cry a river of tears. When I got the series from a friend I was getting them in at 3 or 4 tapes a pop and It was HORRIBLE! I chewed my nails, read the spoilers (not just once,...try like 10 times!) and went temporarily insane while I awaited the arrival of the other tapes. I've learned my lesson and now she does an exception for me when I order ^_^ I can't handle suspense. It's not a pretty don't want to see me when I have screws loose... O_0;;

   I, personally think there is nothing wrong with the series! I remember only one scene for the shower where a back side or shoulders and up are exposed. There is also one part where Yuu rescues her from over heating in the bath tub and when she comes around, she realizes that he not only helped out and into her room but saw her naked ^_^ (very basic visuals and very few so nothing to worry over) There is very little profanity if any at all. I can think of maybe 2 instances. Nothing to freak out over either. HOWEVER, if you are highly offended by reference to any of the following do NOT watch the series.

#1) Miki's Parents meet (old friends) Who are Yuu's parents. When they meet they decide to divorce and remarry the other couple. Then both couples and their children (Miki and Yuu) all move into the same house to live like one big family.
#2) Miki's Best friend Mieko falls in love and has a relationship with their teacher Naa-Chan. (NOTHING HAPPENS other than a kiss or two!!) until they marry each other at the end of the series. ^_^
#3) Yuu makes the assumption (With supposed proof) that Miki and him are actually siblings (half brother/half sister) and they are deeply in love so he holds back. (surprise ending all for the good at the end ^_^ YIPPEE!!) 
#4)  Yuu and Miki try on occasion to get away by themselves for time together (romantically) without anyone knowing but it doesn't work out they way they want. 
#5) The occasional references (teasing) about Yuu, Matsura, or later on in the series, a character named Bill preferring men to women.
#6) In the later part of the series a character named, oh, darn I forgot the name... sorry folks! He likes another character named Jenny. He gets very irate and jealous when Yuu comes to their school and notices Jenny paying way too much attention to Yuu. He can get physical but doesn't. He is a bit verbally abusive towards Jenny though, until he looses her and realizes that another character has loved him all along and she straightens his ass out. 

   This series is drawn more on the basic side but there are moments when it's absolutely beautiful. The story line is funny and serious at the same time. Emotions come through clearly, (ONLY ON SUBTITLED) version as that is the only one my family watches *I hate dubs* now since I have been watching them more often then not.. For anyone out there that truly love's a romantic story and has an open mind about varying differences between Japanese story telling and US versions this series is the perfect one for you! I watch it over and over still, hell I not only got my 3yr olds hooked but my husband as well! O_0 If that doesn't say anything good about the series I don't know what will... ( ^_^ )    

   Be advised it is up to the parent to view and critique the series before their children get their hands on it.. Good luck to you all and I hope if and when you watch this series you will love it as much as I do.