Fushigi Yuugi
Parent Review and Summery


    Fushigi Yuugi is a story about a young girl Miaka that gets pulled into a different world, one inside a book (The universe of the Four Gods) after opening it and reading it. Her best friend Yui is pulled in as well only to be expelled a short time later. Miaka is transported to a different time and a different area. Not knowing what happened to Yui and after a boy by the name of Tamahome rescues her he tries to help her find her friend only to get in all kinds of trouble with the Emperor. 

    The emperor realizes she is Sazuku and as such she has a duty, as the legend is told, she must go and gather the 7 Celestial warriors to summon Sazuku. Once that is done she can summon the god and  will then have 3 wishes granted to her and one, a forth wish, at the end for herself to have come true.

    As the story progresses she grows up and learns many valuable lessons about love, life, friendship and the power of believing in others and ones self. Many hardships and challenges take place and the battle turns to a very personal one, between herself and her best friend in the whole world Yui.    


Parent Review

   I find this story/series absolutely stunning and wonderful. Full story very thorough. Full of love from the artist and series creator Watase Yuu. The series is complex, though not overly so, and is very engaging. New characters and such are always coming to light. Hidden motives and information are always lingering about as they gradualy unfold, so there is a lot of mystery still in the air.

   Passion. Romance. Action. Misery. Mystery. This story , as an adult has everything my *HUGE* romantic heart could ever desire. I love this story. The characters are memorable and well evolved. This series just screams watch me. It's on the long side but it's well worth watching at least once. The series has some surprise's in store for certain characters and will bring not only laughter but tears to you as you watch it. I balled like a baby on at least  3 or 4 occasions. ^_^

    It's a very good series but because of certain things I would be careful of the age of the youngsters watching.

#1)  There is slight nudity (Backside and front with "Hidden" assets) once in a blue moon.
#2) The language content (a couple swear words in Japanese  **I watch subtitled only**) is minimal but it's there.
There are certain matters of affairs which come to light with a strange twist, such as #1) Yui's supposed rape
#2) Tamahome's family's death (of which the aftermath was shown)
#3) Noriko who leads the life that his dead sister should have had but is actually a male trying to keep her  memory alive (LONG story ^_^) 
#4) and Battle/fight scenes

   I would first watch the series then make your choice about your children's viewing it. An older child may be able to handle it but a younger one may not. Be advised it is up to the parent to view and critique the series before their children get their hands on it.. Good luck to you all and I hope if and when you watch this series you will love it as much as I do.