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Story Basics
 (based on subtitled version only)

Parent Review
(based on subtitled version only)

   This very cute series is about a very young girl that opens a book containing special cards. The cards are called "Clow cards" and once opened all the cards are released, they disappear into the world to wreck havoc. As she awakened and released  the cards she meets the guardian of the book from which they came. 

    Kero-Chan is the guardian and as tells her what will happen and what she must do in order to get the cards back and have everything return to normal. So begins her journey into captoring cards, magic, friendship, lessons, growing up and love.....

  **The family has finally watched the entire CCS Series. WE've all enjoyed it. Please watch it for yourself and see 

   This series is in one word, CUTE! I would definitely recommend this to children and parents alike. It's funny, sad, mysterious, everything rolled into one. Each episode is something to look forward to. The characters are in my opinion always evolving in many different ways.  They mature and grow in emotions as well as in their physical state and mentally. There are subtitles within the series that for an older child, they would be picked up on. In a younger child, they might need to be explained, once again it depends on how you are raising them and if the time is right should an explanation be needed, for you to supply it. Subjects such as 2 boys liking each other, The death of Sakura's mother and her brothers ability to see her spirit and things of the future.  

   The Movies are a wonder. Movies as well as the series are beautifully drawn and rendered. Wonderful costumes and colors are always used. Emotions are brought through very well in time with the actions going on around the characters. 

   Basically in a nut shell this is what I think. If you don't see this then you are missing out. It's a really wonderful series full of surprises and  you should at least give it a try.

Both my children have now seen the whole series as have I. My daughters picked up right away the relationship between Sakura's brother and his friend Yukito as well as those feelings of Sakura and Shoran. I found all the series to be fun to watch as a family and we really did enjoy the series.