Ayashi no Ceres
Series Summery and Parent Review

Story Basics
(taken from Manga version)

   This series is about a Tennyo (an angel) who came down to earth to bathe. While Bathing a young man spotted Ceres (one of the angels) and fell in love with her.  He knew she would return to heaven and being as he didn't want her to, he stole her haragomo (feathered robe). Without it she would not be allowed to return to heaven thus making her stay on earth, preferably with him. 

   Over the years a love developed between them. She missed her robe and longed to return but she fell in love with the man who had stolen it. They had a family and children and as time passed many things happened. One day (manga & Anime version) a nearby tribe of men found Ceres while she was out doing something and tried to rape her. Shiso (her husband) found her and fought off the men but not without a sacrifice. Badly injured and close to death Ceres chose to save him and his life. Taking off one of the earrings Shiso had given to her as a wedding gift, She sealed inside some of her powers and implanted it within him so he would survive and heal. From that day on he started to change......

  No longer was he the doting, caring, loving man he once was. He was becoming harder, mean, and violent. He cause the destruction of many a near by village as well as those farther out. He found all the men that had tried to rape Ceres and killed them off one by one, slowly. Ceres seeing all this longed to take back her robe and leave. Her heart as  was destroyed along with her feelings..

  One day Shiso came back and found that Ceres was trying to leave him, and trying to get her children and herself to safety. He found them. His anger was released on Ceres,  one of their children jumped in the way and ends up getting killed by their father. Seeing this, Ceres attacks Shiso and  vows he will no longer control her nor cause any more pain and suffering to those around them. She kills her once beloved husband because of her grief and overflowing emotions and  ends up tearing Shiso apart..

 This series revolves around the reincarnation of Shiso and Ceres. She still hasn't found her Haragomo and is still *ticked* to say the least. Both are always reincarnated in the form of twins.  Each revival he continues to stop her from getting her robe and to make her his once again. Ceres must learn to love again and they both must be free from torment. If the cycle isn't broken more disaster will occur and neither heart will learn the others true feelings. Feelings that were never spoken and put into words but that had always been sought after and longed for....  


Parent Review

    NO, NO,  NO!! NOT for children!!! Very graphic series and scenes. They show blood, fighting, swearing and nudity. You name it. (All this from the first 3 or 4 episodes!!) It's an AWESOME series but NOT FOR KIDS! Maybe a teenager of about 16, depending on how you raise them, what they have been taught, what they can handle. This series is very engrossing, great story and plot and very mature in content. PLEASE watch responsibly weather it's you and or your children watching this series. 

    Be advised it is up to the parent to view and critique the series before their children get their hands on it. Good luck to you all and I hope if and when you watch this series you will love it as much as I do.