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If i linked u at my old site and u r checking that u r still linked it should be in the upper left hand corner. also, u don't have 2 change the link 2 my site on ur site 2 this page from the expage 1.

10-4-03-Hey, i just got a cable modem, so i uploaded some roms and added a rom/iso page! so far i only have snes roms, but ill be adding more. i also took off name puns b/c it wuz retarded, and ssj levels b/c it wasn't working correctly. check the family tree page 4 a new family also. expect more updates this month. peace.

2-14-03-My pc got messed up twice, so haven't had any new updates. hopefully i'll finish the picture links soon and once my scanner is working again i'll add a fanart section. also, i know that the ss levels page is not working.......i have no idea y tho. i put a ton of info on it and i'm not sure y it doesn't show up. soon i will probably also be adding a deaths page. dbgt videos will be out in April and the official site is up- -no word yet on airing it on Toonami. lastly, if ur wondering when the kid buu saga will be shown on CN's Toonami, it should be March 17, i think. i'll fix it l8r if i'm wrong. just watch around that week. o yeah, the time dbz shows is now 5:30, not 6:30. peace.

9-16-02-Man, haven't updated in a while except i'm still making all my links into pic links. any wayz, 2day the new dbz episodes are starting. they will be on mon-thur. (im not sure about fri.) @6:30. but y do they have 2 release the vids first, that is sooooo annoying, cuz i don't wanna pay 4 it.

11-21-01-I added backrounds to my pages and created a character bio page.

11-19-01-I added a family tree page.

11-15-01-I changed the look of my picture page.

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