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Tarik's Dragonball,Z, and GT Legend


Hi my name is Tarik Hamilton. I mabey only 10 years old, but I'm smarter then you think! Please stay as long as you want. This site will load you with information. To find "information" on DragonBall Z click the link that says "information" and you get everything even news! Also not just info just about everything! So I hope you have fun.

Last Updated: Under Contsrution through 1/02 and 3/02

Hi, im back in bussiness. No one hardly comes here, but now I'm up-grading it. Now there's more coming each day!!!


Now, I updated the Fan Art and alittle more!!!


Hi!!! I may not work on my site barely, but I'm making the effort of putting a Java chat on my channel. It's like mIRC, but you don't have to download it! Now you can talk to me and MysticSonic!!!


Beside making 2 more Java Chats in my new part of the site. I up-graded the Saga Summaries.


Sorry guys... I got a new site. I partnered up with MysticSonic. The new site is

Java Chat
About Me!
RPG Maker 2000 Section