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Cardcaptors Syaoran and Sakura TopSites

Hey! Welcome to the credits page! I would take this page out so you guys would think this site is all about me! But no, I have to give credit where it's due! Even for the smallest things!^^

Thanks to CLAMP for making the best animes out there! Without them, this site wouldn't exist and no one would know about Cardcaptor Sakura! The characters on this site,most rightfully belong to CLAMP and images that aren't fanworks also belong to them!

Thanks to Sakura and Syaoran fanstation for providing us the best fanfics and fanarts there are about Cardcaptor Sakura. She is also the one that had inspired me to create a website and sometimes when i felt down, I would just look at her website and I knew that I'd have to work harder on mine! ^^ Thanks for everything Piggy Ho Ho! For doing such a great thing, she has been awarded the one and only Admiration Award from me. The only one that's ever been given out by me!^^

Thanks to Bubble from Sakura's World for telling me how to do screenshots of my computer

Thanks to Josie of Kawaii CCS and Josie's Chants N Stuff for teaching me about the internet world and correcting me when I was wrong during the very beginnings of my website!