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Cardcaptors Syaoran and Sakura TopSites

This site was created in dedication to my all-time favorite anime and manga, Cardcaptor Sakura.

It was created in the year 2000. Before I visited mainly one Cardcaptor Sakura site, it had episode summaries, fanfictions, and weekly updates. I thought it was great. I don't recall of what the name was, but I happened to visit that one site everyday. Then I decided to finally click on of the links and it happened to be Piggy Ho Ho's site. Piggy Ho Ho's site has evolved so much from the year 2000. It's amazing. Well, that's when I was exposed to teh rest of teh cardcaptor Sakura online community. I became an online junkie as I visited more and more sites and got addicted to reading the Cardcaptor Uncensored message board. It wasn't until late 2001 when I finally signed up with a username to post.

Piggy Ho Ho's site was a great inspiration to me and I started my site in the year 2000 on geocities. So many of teh Cardcaptor Sakura names were taken so after a good 45 minutes, I typed in Sweet Sakura Blossoms, and finally, success! So that's how the name of my site originated.

I had already been making websites (not very good ones) but I at least had acquired a bit of HTML. My knowledge of HTML expanded very much through creating my Cardcaptor Sakura fansite. I learned about taking images from other people and stealing bandwidth, a VERY BAD thing to do. Josie from Josie's Chants 'n Stuff was a great mentor to me as my site continued to expand and as I continued to learn new HTML.

I made the site mainly from my own fanart that I created on paint. they weren't beautiful but I thought they were cute. I also edited graphics in Paint. I had no other kind of software, so why not paint?

I started out with an image gallery on my site and I had many many images, which I just resized to make thumbnails (Now I actually take an image, cut a part out, and resize it to make thumbnails). I had many, many images from the premission of other gallery owners to use. Soon, my account couldn't hold all my images so I owned up to 3 accounts on geocities to hold my images. Well, my site kept on reaching it's bandwidth and that started to really get on my nerves.

So I transferred over to Angelfire to the address and that's where my site has remained up to this day. ^_^ While on angelfire, my site had gone through many many many layouts. I acquired many more Cardcaptor Sakura friends and many complimented on the originality of my Cardcaptor Sakura fansite.

Later on in 2001, I took out the image gallery on my fansite because I realized that there were already plenty of galleries and information on Cardcaptor Sakura out there. I wanted to give Cardcaptor Sakura fans a site that was different from the usual. So I kept onusing my fanarts to make graphics and the such. I used to have a really poopy scanner that didn't work and I had to use that to painstakingly scan my pictures into my computer and upload my fanarts onto the site.

My site was growing and growing and I was quite satisfied with my little fansite until the day I entered high school. I was suddenly plunged into many activities and had so much homework. Very different from middle school. I started having less and less time to update my fansite and stopped checking my e-mail account. I grew distant from the Cardcaptor Sakura fan friends I made, and my website was collecting dust. I continued to make websites however, not about Cardcaptor Sakura but about my favorite bands (which have all died before it got a time to start.why? no time) and I soon started up my personal site which went through much crashing on servers but is still up and updated to this day.

A year later, during Spring break (2003) I started to watch my Cardcaptor Sakura fansubs again. As I watched more and more of it my heart fell in love with cardaptor Sakura again. My heart just melts for Syaoran-kun as he falls in love with Sakura. That's when I knew I couldn't keep my love for Cardcaptor Sakura inside me and I updated mye website and made a new layout (which is what it is today). I sadly realized many of my Cardcaptor Sakura friends in the past have moved on and no longer have their Cardcaptor sites running and there's a lot less fans but I'm still keeping my site running for those fans that are still out there.