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Cardcaptors Syaoran and Sakura TopSites

Sakura and Syaoran Fanstation- This is THE site to go too! Piggy Ho Ho is just so great, I admire her! I went to her site a long time ago, almost when it first started and thought it was okay. And, for a few months, I lost interest in CCS and stopped going to sites. And then I gained interest in it again. In fact, I was obsessed with CCS by the time! I went to Piggy Ho Ho's site and it astounded me! She's come a long way,a nd I'm proud of her for bringing such gret fanarts and fanfics to the CCS internet world! She's also the one that inspired ME to make a CCS site!

Very Kawaii-(Temporarily Dead) My new network! I created this network to connect all my shrines together. All the shrines I'm making are about the characters that aren't mentioned much...but SHOULD be! ^^