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Sort of looks like me...teehee.

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Information about the people working on this site
Actually there's only one person working on this! Now you know whay there isn't a lot of people always updating! ^^

Information about Holly (me!)
Nickname: Holly-chan
Birthday: November 7th, so you better send me presents!
Favorite Class: Lunch. What can I say? I like to eat! well, maybe Geometry too because they let me eat in there. :)
Least Favorite Class: Spanish 2 and History. They're both so frustrating!
School Activity: Colorguard, KIWIN'S (youth community service club), Poet's Circle, House of Representatives (sort of like a group of class representatives getting togetehr to foster communication between the school's staffs and students), California Scholastic Federation
Favorite color: Purple
Most wanted: More time. Which isn't even possible. >_<
Spare time: WHAT SPARE TIME?!
Favorite character in CCS: Syaoran-kun because he's just so cute (that you could eat him up! Teehee!)!!!!
Favorite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura! What else? Heehee. It's Syaoran-kun that keeps me hooked. :P

-Still considers herself as a kid
-Doesn't want to grow up (I want to be a Toys R US kid. JK ^^)
-Sick of people going out with other people so they can have a "boyfriend"
-Doesn't like the way people type as if they can't spell
- Doesn't like Cartoon Dolls
-I guess I'm picky! ^^
-Think high school is the most draining thing ever. I might as well be converting Clow Cards into Holly-chan Cards! Haha.