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[The Characters of Cardcaptor Sakura]
Want to learn some information about the characters! As time passes, I'll try to get every one of the characters up here! Funny thing is, I haven't even put Sakura or Syaoran up yet! AHHH! I HAVEN'T PUT SYAORAN UP YET! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!? ^^ The pictures I drew are in black and white for now, if you don't mind. ^^

::WARNING:: if you haven't watched all of Cardcaptor Sakura, you've been warned! There might be spoilers up ahead in these profiles!

Kero-chan br> Kero-chan is the guardian beast of the seal! its false from. ^^;; When he is with Sakura, he usually stays in his false from so people won't get suspicous about him. How could they? Kero-chan looks just like a stuffed teddy bear! However, for awhile, he wasn't even able to transform into his true form. Why? Because his power came from the sun, which meant Sakura had to capture all the element cards first.
Syaoran and Meiling both call Kero-chan a "stuffed animal" whenever they can. Kero-chan of course has a comeback. He calls Syaoran "that kid". ^^
What is the guardian beast of the seal, you ask? He is the appointed guardian to guard the clow cards so the world wouldn't go into chaos. He was also chosen to nominate the next master of the clow cards for the final judgement. But of course, Kero-chan just had to take a nap for a REALLY long time and the cards escaped. Tsk tsk. Even though Kero-chan doesn't NEED to consume food, he loves and eats food (especially pudding and cake!) whenever he can.

Chiharu Mihara
Chiharu is one of Sakura's friends. She's on the cheerleading team and also in Sakura's class!

It is not really said, but Chiharu and Takashi are suppossedly in love. Chiharu must be if she can tolerate Yamazaki and all of his "true" stories! Her hair is usually in braids and she is very cute! When Sakura was in the Final Judgement, Sakura saw everyone without the person they love most. Yamazaki didn't really know Chiharu and called her by her last name "Mihara" instead. Thus, meaning Yamazaki and Chiharu love each other! ^^ Chiharu is always trying to get Takashi more romantic and less chatty,but we know she loves him just the way he is! And it's always funny to see Chiharu strangle Yamazaki when he does tell his lies...I mean, stories!

Her blood type is O, just like mine! ^^

Naoko Yanagisawa
Naoko is also one of Sakura's friends. Sakura has many friends, but naoko is one of her closest. That's why Sakura allows Naoko to talk about ghosts. Naoko is very cute, which goes to show, people with glasses can be cute! I mean, why can't they? ^^ She loves to read and especially loves to read about ghosts and spooky things.
She was featured in the episode of the Create Card because the Create had chosen her because of her great writing skills and big imagination. Naoko almost killed Sakura because of her great imagination! Of course, Naoko wasn't trying to on purpose, Naoko just thought she was writing an ordinary story. It was very cute to see Naoko to try to find the book (the Create) she was writing her story in when Sakura had alrady sealed it.

She knows Sakura is scared of ghosts, but she just can't help to talk about them!
Naoko doesn't have a love interest in the anime or manga...yet. ^^

Rika Sasaki

Like Chiharu and Naoko, Rika is one of Sakura's close friends. In fact, Chiharu,Naoko,Rika,Tomoyo and Sakura always stick together. ^^ For her age, Rika is very mature. She looks over her classmates like a mother and her friends admire her for that. She's very cute and very pretty (in the anime and manga...not when i draw her! ::sobs:: Why can't I ever draw Rika?!?) and has a nice soft voice. She is very good at cooking and other kind of housework. She also seems to be very romantic but a little shy when it comes to Terada-sensei.

But then again, there's that little fact that she's in love with Terada-sensei even though he is older. But I think her maturity makes up for her age, and they are little by little, getting to know each other more and more.