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The Machine: Bio of War Title  
The Machine: Saga of War
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.:The God of War:.
By:Emerald Existence
Description:I thought I would explain my being and my former rank. Althought I quit and I know now that most of my former Guilds have been destroyed or ended. I was once a high man cable of any act of destruction. Death, Hate, not feeling, no life was nothing for me I was the machine. Then something ran over me, I was taken by the one thing I hated more then any thing the feeking of emotion. I had learned to forget it for the reason of fear. I was the machine with emotion who couldnt fight nor kill any more, my existence was at a end and as I strugle to rebuild at base to which I can stay I strugle with what I lost. I thought I would mention then what I have lost in the process, but instead I think I will mention what I have gained. I have gotten a second chance from people who say they care, life has never felt so sweet for a man so cold.

Now I'am a man of Peace my structure has changed and I have not return but have been reborn. My life is in a reconstructions Thanks to someone they know who they are. I must now search for the fire the emotion the soul that lies with in me. A former man of War the death hate still lives on and now I must lose those chains to live a life of Peace, War is not a problem but a game and now I have fought my War and this is my win...
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The grasp of War is upon those who's weakness is there fear of living life