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Dan Dan Kokoro i think this is an opening song or something (I forget)
Vegeta His theme song
Battle Z A rare fighting song used on the show
Dragon Ball First opening theme song

Final Fantasy

Who Am I??
Who Are You??
Theme of Love Final Fantasy 4
Eyes on you Final fantasy 8
Julia FF8 piano eyes on me
Oh my hero Opera ff5 or 6 i think
Melodies of life ff9 main song
Main theme FF3
Game over FF3
Battle Final fantasy
Main theme All final fantasy's pretty much
Flowers Blooming Final Fantasy 7
Waltz Garden waltz
Wall of sacred Beasts FF9 the summoner wall
Awake Terra wakes up (FF6 I think)
Awake 2 Another version of the one above
Rachel Rachel's theme (ff3)
Intermission The opera intermission
Melodies of life Main theme of Final fantasy 9
Song of Memory Daggers Theme (ff9)
Souless Village The mage Village (ff9)
Terra The world of Terra (ff9)
You are not alone When Zidane goes crazy (ff9)

Fushigi Yuugi

Wish Tama and Miaka's first kiss

Sailor Moon

Beginning A thousand years ago...
Locket The star locket
Locket 2 Another locket song
To Michiru Violin by Haruka
Oh starry night Preformed by Rei
Moon Revenge Sailor Moon R song
Moon Revenge Starlights song

Ramna 1/2

Memories Thats what it is
Ranma and Akane its there song
Ranma i dont know
Ranma I dont know this one either

Secret of Mana

Sad When you are kicked out of the village
Rosefairies cute song


Soul Is this Rei's song? sad song

Oh my goddess

Childhood Bell and that guy (forgot his name)as kids
Cake and tea Another good song


Sping night love song


Sanoske's Song
Himura Kenshins song
Dream Song used on Kenshin and Kaoru's page
Painful Memories
Overture Usually played when someone is sad

Other songs

Love song Romeo and Juliet
First Love Song by Utada Hikaru
Ocarina of Time Zelda's theme song