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Megaroad's ROBOTECH Page

The AJACS 'Copter

Welcome to my Robotech/Macross page. Here you can find tons of info on Robotech and Macross, images, video clips, downloads, music, and RPG Mecha and resource material. My site is always under constuction, because i am constantly trying to make it better. If you find broken links without under constuction beside them, please use the contact page to alert me.

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Site News and Updates -03/30/01 Robotech News -09/23/00
I took off the VCD project section.  It has been cancelled due to the imminent release of the Robotech DVDs.  *Please* do not e-mail me about it anymore.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered tapes or their time.  The only other update that I made was to the FAQ sections.  They were largly overdue for an update and most of the information in them is now inaccurate.  I have corrected this info.  Oh yes, the Message Board has been downed as well due to lack of participation and server problems.  Thanks!  ~ Megaroad -Robocon 2000 has been cancelled.
-Robotech 3000's original idea of computer generated graphics have been canned.  A new, improved, anime style Robotech 3000 (?) is now in development.  Any other info is unknown right now. is officially up and running.  Click here to go.


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