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Himura Kenshin Web Ring

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This Himura Kenshin Web Ring site is owned by Shinguji Sakura
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This Himura Kenshin Web Ring owned by Shinguji Sakura
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Welcome to Himura Kenshin Web Ring. The ring dedicated to Himura Kenshin from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. Any site could join this ring if they had a Himura Kenshin stuff on them. Please feel free to join. But don't forget to see the rules before. If you have any questions or comments, just email me at 


  • Your site should have a Himura Kenshin stuff
  • No porn/sex contents allowed. Including YAOI or hentai
  • Please copy the codes & save the logo into your site
  • I thought I can allow anti site in this webring. But since there's someone email me & tell me that the idea of approving anti site could be allowed was wrong, then I've changed my mind and make a new rule: THERE'S NO ANTI SITE ALLOWED


Before you join you should know that THE YAHOO WEBRING VERSION IS CLOSED. I will not accept any new site on Yahoo Webring again. But the old member of Yahoo Webring version still can "ONLINE" in this webring. But if you're new & want to submit your site in this ring. Please go to the ringsurf version. You can CLICK HERE TO JOIN!!


If you join in Ringsurf here is the fragment codes:

If you paste it in ur site, it should look like this:


This Himura Kenshin Web Ring site is owned by YourName
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Ring History

Opened in Yahoo: September, 3 2001    Opened in Ringsurf: October, 9 2001

Yahoo: 21 sites    Ringsurf: 19 sites    Same site: 3 sites    Total: 37 Sites

Ring Master: Shinguji Sakura

Email Ring Master: