Stories and chat memories by me and other people!
1. You must include your name, the story/poem, and the title or I shall not post it. I'll give it a rating myself.
2. If the story is too nasty to be PG-13, then no. It won't go up.
3. E-mail me if anything concerns you or your writing isn't posted.

Rating system:

G: All People Can Read It

PG: You Should Be Supervised By An Adult To Read

PG-13: Be Careful, This Isn't For Little Kiddies!

Sorry, worse than that!

The Battle Between Good And Evil Rated PG-13 For Violence---A Chat Memory

Sweet Aurorium Rated G---A Dedication to My Favorite Message Board---By Natalie Dogwood

Foxy Rated G---Foxy's Perspective---By Natalie Dogwood