Read my thoughts and feelings about different aspects of Conan.

(I will be referring to some of the manga volumes in these and there may be some spoilers for people who haven't read up to volume 38).

Please note that all of these are MY opinions! I am not trying to change anyone's mind, I am just offering up my views which you can consider or ignore as you please. Flames will be ignored, well written criticism will be replied to.

The Black Organization

Information on the Black Org. is hard to find... this is where I will tell you what I know or at least think I know!

The Love Triangle?

My opinion on the Shinichi/Conan- Ran - Ai debate.

Also read my thoughts on Ran: Ordinary Heroine

Destined to be? Or just friends?

How I feel about Heiji and Kazuha's relationship.

On Shinichi

An essay on Shinichi Kudo by Samuel Curtis. Please email all comments to Samuel

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