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General Information about Conan:

Detective Conan's Mystery Files

A great site with lots of information about Conan and a lot of great MANGA SCANS! Updated often.

Detective Conan's Update

Another site with manga scans

Sasami's Detective Conan homepage

Another site with good information including song lyrics and information on recent storylines!

Detective Conan Fanfiction:


The Conan section is growing and growing! Lots of great stories!

Japanese Conan sites: (Japanese language unless otherwise noted)

Please DO NOT take any pictures from the Japanese fanart sites and stick them

up on your website without permission! Japanese artists don't like it! However, if

you ask then you might be lucky ^^.

Shonen Sunday: Meitantei Conan

The official Shonen Sunday site which features the latest Conan stories and other goodies.

Kinkyuhinan: Teddy Bear

One of my favourite doujinshi artists with gorgeous art and some really good links!


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