Fan Art and FanFic

Here you will find some of the illustrations from my fanfics as well as gifts for others and misc pics. Also the gateway to my Conan fanfics.

PLEASE do not take these pictures without emailing me FIRST! Thank you!


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Gin the 'Purple Knight' and Princess Crystal Grape (Vermouth) from my fic: Magical Girl Pink Orchid Gin and Vermouth at an Onsen. Drawn for Sefilin's fic 'Business and Pleasure'.

Heiji and Kazuha

Kazuha: And THIS one will protect you from being stabbed.....

Shinichi and Ran dancing. Drawn as a get-well present for Meg and a tie-in with her fic 'The letter I never sent you.'

A black and white sketch of Vermouth/Chris Vineyard and her alter-ego Jodie Saintemillion.

SShinichi and Ran's moment of truth and the Black Queen's downfall. The kiss scene from my fic 'Magical Girl Pink Orchid'.

Shinichi and Ran as the Black Knight and Princess Heart from volume 26. Drawn for Laura as her 3rd Prize pic in the Shinichi and Ran fanfic contest. Conan and 'Rin' from Ysabet's fic 'The Longest Hour, drawn on request'. The quote I had in mind was: "...our hands are the same size..."

An image generated from a strange thought... "What if Gin and Vermouth had a daughter?" Meet Martina!

One of my early sketches of Shinichi and Ran. My first attempt at drawing Wataru Takagi, one of my favourite policemen! ^^ Shinichi and Ran from 'The Unspoken Truth' by Rhina. 2nd place prize in the Shinichi and Ran fanfic contest.
Christmas pic of Shinichi and Ran Heiji with a katana. From my fic 'Truth, Trust and Promises'. Title page for my fic 'Truth, Trust and Promises' A quick sketch of Ran and Kazuha

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