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Hope torn apart 1: Future Echo’s


 Crichton stood in one of the many corridors of Moya. Trying to decide what to do, go see Aeryn or take the corridor to his quarters. Before he could decide Pilot’s voice came over the COM Link.

 “Warning the Peacekeepers have found us!” Crichton knew, as did everyone else on the ship to go to the bridge area. Everyone had assembled there except for him. D’argo said “ What kind of ship is it?’

 “Scorpius’ command carrier.” Pilot said. That name hit Crichton in the head, he got a flash of images from when Scorpius had torched him. In the Aurora chair.

 Pilot said to everyone’s surprise that Scorpius was contacting them, on the COM link.

Scorpius appeared before Crichton on the screen, once again the rush of images came through his head he saw the pain, this set Crichton off balance and he nearly fell down, but somehow he gathered the strength to stand upright. As he didn’t want anyone on the crew to take think any less of him.

 Scorpius’ bitter voice spoke “Turn over Crichton and the wormhole technology within his brain, and I will let the rest of you go”. Knowing that everyone felt the same way about this D’argo ordered Pilot to starburst. In a flash of light Moya was gone.



 Moya disappeared in the distance, “As I predicted their loyalty to Crichton is strong” spoke Scorpius. Scorpius turned sharply and headed for the quarters of commander Crais, who was now a renegade off somewhere in the universe. Crais didn’t matter though he was not part of his plan. All was going well, Scorpius knew that the chip in Crichton’s head would be getting close. Getting close to the wormhole technology that Scorpius wanted.



 Crichton sat slumped into one corner of the converted prison cell which was, his quarters.  Rolling the ball he had found back and fourth.

 He was thinking about Scorpius and what had just happened, when Aeryn walked in. The two of them knew that they had feelings for each other, but Aeryn needed time. And Crichton wasn’t even sure he had much time left.

 “What’s wrong?” Aeryn said.

 “Is it worth it?” Crichton said.


 “Is everyone on everyone’s freedom worth me?”

 “I can’t believe you are even thinking about it, no one here would think about turning you over. Not after all we’ve been through.

 “Maybe it would be better for all of us…”

 “Haven’t you been listening, none of us will let you go. Besides there is no guarantee that Scorpius would keep his word.”

 “I’, not sure how much I can put up with Scorpius. He’s everywhere in my head, behind me and will probably one day be in front of me.”

 “You got to be strong and push through it.” A few moments passed where Crichton worked out that she is right.

 “You’re right, also if I turn myself over millions of lives will be in danger.”

 “So you will not go then?”

 “No I won’t”



Some time after Crichton had been playing with his chess styled game, when out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he had seen Scorpius. He went out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he had seen Scorpius. He went out of the door and saw nothing.

 Zhann came up the corridor and said “Is something the matter John?

 “No…no nothing I just thought I saw something but it must have been a glimmer  or something.”

 Zhann nodded her head and carried on down the corridor. Crichton Was really not so sure as he had let on. He ran to where pilot was, and asked “Pilot, has Moya or the DRDs picked up any thing unusual lately?”

 “Moya says she has not sensed anything unusual in or outside the ship.”

 “Oh, okay thanks pilot.”

  Crichton casually walked back to his room. Walking into the room he   suddenly heard a voice, rapidly saying “John, John, John…”. His name was repeated until Crichton could not stand, knocking all the pieces off of his chess styled board.

 The voices stopped as soon as D’argo ran in “ What’s the matter? John!” D’argo brought John’s face around to show him.

 In the shock of the moment Crichton said, “kill…me”, a second later Crichton came round. He shot up and held his head and said “Sorry mum I was out drinking”.

 “What?” said a confused D’argo.

 “Are you okay John?”

 “Yeah I’m okay it must be something humans react to in space.”

 “Maybe you should go see Zhann, to check you are okay”

 “No! no sorry, I’ll be fine. I feel a lot better now. Yeah I’m okay”

 “Okay John if you say so” D’argo left but he was going to Zhann, he doubted whether this was the truth of it.


 Crichton was far from all right, he didn’t know why but he had tried to tell D’argo about the voices but something had blocked him. What could it have been?