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Poems of Destiny




Courage is Taiís crest,

Even though he may sometimes be rash.

He will always be there,

To fight to the end.


Davis has the digi-egg of courage,

Many think him a Jerk.

Though once his true qualities show through,

He will never give up.


Courage lives within all of us,

We all have that potential.

Unlocking it is Hard,

But have faith in yourself.


Finding Courage in the Darkest of moments,

Is incredibly important.

When you feel sad and that you cannot carry on,

Remember that Courage lives within all of us.


By Miko




Matt has the crest of Friendship,

Some of the time he may stray.

But eventually he will find his way back,

To friendship.


Davis also has the egg of Friendship,

Even though he may not be the most popular.

He has friends that like him,

Which will stick with him forever.


Your Friends might not always, act like your their friends.

They will eventually see you as,

A reliable friend if you them treat with respect.

Witch they will return.


Your true Friends will stick with you all the time,

Even if you make mistakes;

Show your Friendship by never betraying them,

And by giving them support when they need it.


By Miko





T.K. has the hope of everyone,

He will always have hope.

Even through when victory seems impossible,

He will always see Hope.


Always have hope,

Even when you fail;

Have hope that you will succeed,

Another time.


Instead of making up excuses,

Face your trouble.

By having Hope to light the path,

To carry on.


Never will I be without Hope,

And so should you not be.

Remember that Hope will always shine through,

Even in the darkest of moments.


By Miko




Sora has Loveís crest,

She cares for others more than herself.

Though being wary of dangerous decisions,

She will always care for others.


Yolei has the digi-egg of love,

She may be hard to get on with.

And not everyoneís favourite character,

But she will never give up her love for her digimon.


Love can be interpreted in many different ways,

They all have in common,

That you care for someone.

Every one cares for someone.


Even if you act hard on the outside,

Love resides within you.

Everyone cares for someone,

Even if the person doesnít know it.


By Miko





Knowledge will always be Izzy's pursuit,

His crest shines with Knowledge.

Even through the hardest of situations,

He will always have his Knowledge.


Codyís egg is knowledge,

He is always the one to help with plan making.

Cody will never make his mind up until,

Getting all the answers.


Knowledge is important,

Without knowledge you will be left behind.

It will help you out of difficult situations,

Putting you into the position that you have chosen.

Remember that without knowledge,

Life would not be as it is now.

Forget what other people say,

And find your Knowledge.


By Miko





Mimi is sincere nearly all of the time,

Except when straying from here true path.

When every one else is thinking not to say something,

You can bet Mimi will tell the truth of how every one is feeling.


Yolei has the digi-egg of sincerity.

Even though it took her some time,

To realise that she should be sincere.

Ever since she has and always will be sincere.


Being honest and sincere,

About your feelings.

Could one day save you,

From becoming Self absorbed.


Not always do you have to be sincere,

If being sincere could hurt someone.

As this could hurt your relationship with them,

But be sincere on important matters.


By Miko





Joe is responsible for everyone,

He would never let others hurt themselves.

As then he would not be being responsible for others,

Or be called good old reliable Joe.


Cody has the digi-egg of responsibility.

He will be reliable for the group,

When they especially need him.

To do his part for their cause.


Being reliable is within everyone,

Finding that reliability is hard but not impossible.

Being reliable to your friends,

Means that they will trust you more.


Responsibility is there for everyone,

If you are not the one giving it,

It shall look out for you.

Whoever you be.


By Miko





Kariís crest and digi-egg are both of light,

Meaning that she is there for everyone.

She will always think of others before herself,

Even if it means hurting herself.


The light within everyone,


Shines brightly to the end.

It will never stop while you,

Think about others.


Together people are stronger than apart,


Finding the strength within can be hard.

Take the light from the people around you,

To find your strength to never give up.


The light from you will shine,


Even if you lose your way.

It will always be ready to guide you back,

To the way you want to be.


Light will always protect you.

Guide you through,

The obstacles in the way.

Of your life.


By Miko




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