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Have Courage as well

Heres my fiction (not finished first instalement) The beggining of an epic.

T.K. sifted through his bag before walking off to school, making sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything. It sure would be hard getting back to school since there adventure in the digiworld. T.K. ran out the door and said ‘Cya tonight’ to his mother.

On the other side of town Tai and Kari were also setting off for school. They met Sora on the way, and walked through the school gates. For some reason all of the kids who had gone to the digiworld were gathering in a corner of the playground. They were all there except T.K. and Joe, Tai sore this as pretty obvious as T.K. was at a different school and Joe was in a older school.

Izzy was reading a small book while sitting on a step. As Sora, T.K. and Tai approached the rest of the group. Mimi said ‘Hi Tai.’, Izzy acknowledged Tai’s presence and whent back to the small book.

‘So what are we all doing gatherd over here.’ Said Sora.

‘Technically we are still missing T.K., Joe and Matt’, Izzy responded with.

At that moment Sora siuddenly realised that Matt wasn’t there.

‘Wheres Matt?’ said Sora eaglily.

‘He’ s off talking to Gennai.’

‘What?!’ said all there of the kids that had just arrived.

Izzy said ‘ gennai needed to talk to some reason.’ ‘what!?’ said Tai.

‘I don’t know, or do you think I would have told you.!’

The bell rung after that moment and all the kids whent off to their lessons. All the kids were wondering the same thing. What was Matt doing?

Unlike the rest of the kids, Joe was running to school. Reciting to himself ‘i’m late!’ ‘i’m late’ Just when he turned the corner to go into his school, he found himself in a strange area that surrounded the area. ‘This is defiantly not the school I go to!’

Matt was also facing his own problem. Gennai had apparently sucked him into the digiworld. Gennai was going on about something to himself, but matt could still not get over how there was fish at the window. Matt was the first to speak ‘Hey why did you bring me here? I thought the digi-gate was closed.’

‘Your right it is’

‘Then how am I here?’

‘I brought you here’


‘Don’t worry about that now, I need your help… ‘But why just me?

‘Stop interrupting, you see if I give you the info then you can help your frends and tell them about it.’

‘Still sounds a bit silly’

‘what was that?’


‘Back to business, I’ve found something which threaten both our worlds. It seems that both of our woulds our pouring into each other. I think that an evil digimon has surfaced.’

‘What is it?’

‘I am not sure, but all I know is that somehow it has the ability, to pour dimensions into each other. So you see you shall probably be back in your would soon.’

‘What about our digimon.’

‘Their on there way now.’

Meanwhile T.K. was walking to school casualy as he was defiantly not going to be late (he still had 20 minutes). When all of a sudden he saw Patamon appear directly in front of him. Patamon shouted ‘T.K.!!’ and T.K. said ‘ Patamon I am realy glad to see you but should ent you be in the digiworld.’

‘I was there last I looked but I suddenly found myself here. I think someone is collapsing the dimensional barrier in between our worlds.’


Joe could’ent believe what he saw, he thought that it was a digimon but it was to big to get any guess of how big it was. It was huge, Joe wished Gonamon was here to protect him. At that moment Joes heart lit up with responsibility, a beam of light shot down. Gonamon apeared inside ‘Joe, you brought me here with Your Heart!’

Next installment coming soon

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