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Sailor Moon



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16th March 2002

I haven't updated a while have I! Never mind my schedule on here has been kind of right. If you didn't know FoxKids have finished there half-term schedule. I think there're going back to the old one so that's that. Medabots is still being shown at weekends though, so check it out. Meanwhile on everything's front:


Farscape has finished, you should have seen the final episode! If you didn't kick yourself and then find someone who recorded it! Trust me this is a must see! You need to know everything before that though.


Digimon is repeats right now everywhere, well it does depend if you have terrestrial or digital. On ITV that is new, for you with out Foxkids


Sailor Moon is presently off air completely, sorry guys. I don't know how to deal with it. . So as soon as I find anything out, so will you.


Gundam Wing is being shown at weekends at 12:30. One other showing in a different order is being shown on every night, at 10:00. All on Cartoon Network.


Cardcaptors is being shown on ITV, which is new for me! So it probably is for you too! Check it out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Check it out soon!


That's about it all, I've writern a nice episode reviews for Digimon. Then put 'em up here. I also have a bunch of Plays to type and put up here. Could take a while, but we're know soon! Okay that's about all!

 One more thing I'm now available on MSN, at So check me out soon!




19th January 2002

Well, look at nice new banner, nice new links, nice newish layout!  Yes that's right Miko's Hideout has undergone some changes! All the links light up when you put the pointer over them. The brilliant banner, took me a few hours! But hey look at it, isn't it good. And it is true for me. This is the beginning of a new era, a era like no other, a era where Miko's Hideout is the best there is at what it does. I'm so pleased by the way that turned out! Its brilliant! I'm planning lots more, so hold on for the ride! On new sections, I have a schedule page now up, and lookie, all the links work. You can now get to the main Sailor Moon and Farscape sections! Just click on there main titles.! 

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