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Rock Booster!

Daily Webomic

Welcome to Rock Booster. If you've read Bob and George or Life of Wily, you know how my comics work. Also here, I have special affiliates. Like comic affiliates. So if your site has comics, E-mail me and I'll put you up. But you must have my banner up too. Just put it on your page. The HTML code is on this page and the main page so you have no excuse for not putting it up.

Oh yeah, the comics might be a little fuzzy 'cause I couldn't change them to GIFs. Today, 10/3/01, Scince I haven't updated in a good 2 MONTHS!, I decided to have a triple feature today. To get me started up again. (And to get the storyline moving!)

10/3/01 #015: I drop my EYE SCREEM!

Today's Comic

10/3/01 #016: The shadowey thing

Today's Comic

10/3/01 #017: Actually, I just needed a smaller sprite of him!

Today's Comic

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