Kinomoto Touya
Name: Kinomoto Touya
English Name: Tori Avalon
Nicknames: Toya ("to-ya", used by Yukito since Touya is pronounce "two-ya")
Age: 17
Birthday: February 29
Blood Type: O
School: Seijou High School
Dubbed School: Readington High School
Beginning: 11th
Ending: 12th
Favorite Subjects: Chemistry
Least Favorite Subject: None
Activities: Soccer Team, teasing Sakura
Favorite Colors: Blue
Favorite Flower: Peach blossoms)
Favorite Foods: Steak
Least Favorite Food: Fried tofu
Favorite Recipe: Omelet
Wish List: New sneakers
Personality: Serious, reserved, kind, devious (towards sakura mostly)
Family Members: Fujitaka (father), Nadeshiko (mother/deceased), Sakura (little sister)
People He Likes: Sakura, Yukito (best friend)
People He Dislikes: Li Syaoran (the "gaki", or brat)
Special Abilities: Can see ghosts
Japanese Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu (Chichiri from FY! Wai!)
English Voice Actor: Tony Sampson

Kinomoto Touya is Sakura's big brother. One of his duties as big brother is to tease Sakura mercilessly and he abides by the rules, calling Sakura "kaijuu" (monster) constantly, telling her things about ghosts. and finding ways to get her to do what he wants. Even though it looks like he doesn't care much about her sister on the outside, all that is just a front. Touya is really kind and incredibly protective of her. As far as Touya is concerned, only he is allowed to pick on Sakura. When anyone else attempts to be mean or tease her, Touya is in her corner, fighting to protect Sakura. Yukito terms this turnabout a ‘Sister Complex'.

Touya's best friend is Tskishiro Yukito and he also goes to Seijou High. Every school day, he would ride his bike to school, meeting Yukito on the way and they'll go to school together. From the very beginning he knows that Yukito is not 100% human, but he accepts him the same as any other human. He and Yukito share a strong bond and Touya helps Yukito as much as he can, even if he has to give him some of his own energy.

On the days that Sakura's not late to school, she'll tag along with the Touya and Yukito on their way to school since she has a crush on Yukito.  Touya is well aware of Sakura's crush on Yukito and Touya has used her feelings to his advantage many many times. Knowing that Sakura will do anything he asks if Yukito around, Touya frequently invites his best friend over to study and hanging out. This results in highly generous behavior on his sister's part, such as Sakura sharing the pancakes she paid for with her allowance and making snacks for the two of them.

Touya also posses the power to see ghosts. When Sakura was younger he would tell her about what he saw. This has resulted in Sakura's fear of ghosts. At the end of the episode where Sakura captures The Illusion card posing as Nadeshiko (her mother), the ghost of Nadeshiko appears to check in on Sakura. She speaks briefly to Touya, saying that she has been keeping an eye on both of them and wanted to double check on Sakura this time, because she was worried about her daughter. Touya seems unfazed by her appearance, which indicates to me that Nadeshiko's appearance is not an unusual event for Touya.

Touya is very responsible since he practically raised Sakura from when their mother died. Touya is definitely a hard-working young man and does a considerable amount of work helping his father keep house. Touya also holds down a number of after-school jobs, working almost everywhere from waiters to feeding penguins at the aquarium. His work is usually in the line of waitering at local businesses. Yukito seems to particularly enjoy treating Sakura to treats at the restaurants where Touya works just so Touya can wait on them.

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