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Welcome to my Mschat page! If you don't know what ms chat is, I'll explain. It's a comic based chat. In other words, instead of the usual boring text chats, you can chat as a comic character! And yes, you can make your own, and these are the one's I've made! If you want to download mschat:

Well, here's my characters!! Hope you like them! Please, don't take images from mine and rename them of your own without any thanks to me, it's not like I took my magick wand and made all the background stuff disappear! Thank you.***Oh yeah, if anyone has any old comic characters, ones with CG in front or ones that say made by Creep Girl or Salysia or Courtney, pls send them to me, they are my old ones that I spent a lot of time on! Thank you!!*** ~~~~~Thanks to my brother, Chris, Sanjuro, for sending me some characters. And here they are!~~~~ Oh yeah, and the server is: and my chat room is #Wicca!

Warning! This Character contains a lil nudity. Not much. And pls, don't be seen using this, I made it exclusively for myself.
Please do not steal images from this character, because I will know. I re-edited some pictures, and if you don't believe me, look for pictures that show her ENTIRE head. Oh yeah, and for my use only! ^-^ Ha ha
This one was re-edited too, only a little bit, and the pictures were hard to find.
Don't be seen using this either, I re-edited some pics too.
Made by Chris Made by Chris
Made by ~Me~ and My friend Natalie, Lady Wizzle Made by Lady Wizzle Stix