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Lookie! It's my perdiful sprite made by Mr. Galinstar! He made me look soo cute...!

I do have boots...but I can't draw shoes or feet...oh well.

(See me in my perdy armor: )

Kaisha, trying out a new purple look!

(And me trying out a new style of ears for Kai ^.^ It was originally in Lunaris' present.)


Kai-Chan in Smurgen's hat! Dressing up like him, too...Only in a more feminine outfit.

Methinks it turned out pretty good!


A Page for everyone's not-so-favorite Neko, Kaisha!


Hi! My name's Kaisha! I'm a reeaalllyyy hyper Neko! My favorite thing to do is ask "why", help people beat someone up, then feel bad for the beaten up person, and bug Galinstar!

The kewlest dude ever, is George the Moogle...bebbies! And, the kewlest Artists ever are Megami, and Suradia-Chan! ^.^

I don't care if it isn't good...this is just gunna be a jumble of  Kaisha pictures by me, and if you people are feeling nice enough, you'll send in your pictures too! You can dress her up however you want...Make sure to keep her looking like the same person...

Sorry 'bout the lines...=P I hate this new marker...But atleast I dunt have to outline it on the computer...?


All you nice people, send any pictures of Kaisha you might draw to:

Make sure 'ta keep the pictures small in size (like KBs, MBs...whatever. try not to go into MBs though)

For all you peoples who don't know about Neko's,

And for all you people who think you know everything about Neko's, but really don't.

I'll tell ya this!

Neko's have three main forms:

Mostly human (like both of the pictures of Kaisha here.)

Like a big cat (I dunt have one up yet..)

And some kind of a cat form. Be it a kitten, or a tiger.


And, I leave you with this:


If you didn't already tell, that's not Kaisha. It's Cayley Menelkir. I just really liked it, and decided to put it up here...! ^.^  (Her eyes aren't opened, she's going like this -> ^.^)


Bleh...poor me...I just got a new black marker to outline stuff with, and it didn't work out too well... I dunt know whut colors Megami is, so I couldn't color it...O.o *Sigh* It didn't turn out too well... The hands are horrible! >.<