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wacked images

Wacked Images!

by Ichiban Saiyan

Wow it's been awhile. Before I continue I just want to say that this section of my webpage was inspired by a website called "Sailor Balls". This person made spliced images that put mine to shame, these were some of the funniest sailor moon and dragonballz/gt images I have ever seen. However, I've recently learned that "Sailor Balls" has been taken down. I could ask for a moment of silence, for the, "passing of a great website", but that just sounds corny. Instead I'll quietly light a candle, and get on with the show.

< sniff > (i'm getting all emotional here) New to wacked images is our first Yugi-oh spoof! Technically it isn't a wacked image. Kaze did the whole thing on our computer with her tablet. It's a spoof on a children's book called, "Daddy Has a Pair of Striped Shorts", (cute book, if you have a little brother or sister or something like that I highly recommend this one). The illustrations are done entirely in watercolors and look really nifty, and the story itself is cute and silly. An excellent candidate for desecration.

I'm also cleaning house. I'll be pulling some of the old images that I hate, and redoing others that could be better. So check back for more new additions, and new takes on old favorites.
Marik Has a Pair of Striped Shorts

oi! oi! care to paint the town red?