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The Spiky-Haired Tan Man & Fiery Redhead
The Gymshipping Tale
Told by Ms. Indecisive (Haley)

One of the most popular shippings out there, and there's no surprise that a lot of people seem to agree with it. It seems you're either a gymshipper or a twerpshipper, and no inbetween...unless you're Ms. Indecisive. ^_^; Anyhow...on with the details...

Here's the part where I rant on and on, in a somewhat orderly fashion!

Vital Stats
Blockades In the Relationship
Misty's Side of the Ship
Brock's Side of the Ship
Official Opinions From Us
Our Favorite Shippy Pics
The Best Shippin' Moment Award Goes to...

Vital Stats!

Technical Term: Gymshipping-that's all. What else would sum it up?

Spark: Lit, but not flaming.

Chance of Love Being Declared on TV: There would be a big chance if Ash wasn't there, but since Mr. I-Love-My-Pokemon is there, I think about 50%-60%

Behind The Ship: Misty follows Ash since he screwed up her bike, and along the way of following him, Ash met the gym leader of Pewter City, Brock *sigh*. Later we find out that Misty is also a gym leader, but of Cerulean City. The two of them tag along with Ash as he goes on his pokemon journey, but don't you find it odd that two people with the combination of bread and butter (I KNOW THAT WAS CORNY) could meet each other in an odd way like that? Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps it was fate...


There is some evidence that supports these two, although the evidence usually has two different views because it's not quite certain why these two do what they do.

Why Does She Always Pull His Ear?!?!Poor Brock, all he's doing he's trying to get a girl, and Misty comes along and pulls him away BY HIS EAR! That would seriously hurt, I mean think about it, to be dragged off forcefully by your ear, while you're running towards the opposite direction? I wonder how long is ear has gotten since he's been traveling with them. Er...I'm getting off the subject. ^_^; Anyway, some people may say it's because HE'S MAKING AN IDIOT OF HIMSELF! Or maybe it's because Misty is mad that Ash doesn't flirt with her, or maybe...just maybe it's because Misty is jealous of all these girls that Brock drools over! *gasp* Could it be? It certainly is an explanation. It seems physical violence is Misty's answer to almost anything when she's jealous-or when she's just angry. (Remember "The School of Hard Knocks" when everyone thought Giselle was pretty, and she just stomped toward her.) Exactly...

The Dance You're on the top of a tower, and a huge figure is in the sea, making some wierd song, and you ask to dance with someone?!?!

It was a bit out of the blue, and for no reason at all! Nothing even sounded like music! How can you just, all of a sudden, "Oh, let's dance," like that? Maybe...if you were in love...

The CatchI know this is just a little tiny bit of evidence, but for some reason I found it cool. In the episode,"Tower of Terror", Ash flys Misty in the air when he's a ghost, and then drops her, and Brock catches her. For some reason, I found this cool. Even though he was just doing it so she wouldn't fall and break something, and he would probably do it for anyone falling. (Like Scarmory in "Hot Matches") but STILL! It was sorta cool.

BuddiesEven if there's question to if Brock and Misty are in love, there is no question that they are very good friends, no matter what's going on, they're usually next to each other, backing up Ash in whatever he is doing. Good relationships start with good friendships...

Brock's Blushing! Even though Misty isn't a Joy or Jenny to Brock as far as looks go, he has had a couple moments where he thought she looked "rather purty." ^_^; (Couldn't help but say that.) Without a clue in "The Misty Mermaid", that the mermaid in the poster was supposed to be Misty, he blushes and says,"When is she going to be here?" Aw! And then in "Princess Vs. Princess", Misty was dressed up. I remember him saying something about how she looked nice, but I can't remember him blushing. ^_^;

The Blockades
There are unfortunately some blockades for this couple, but there are none bigger than the one, the only...

Ash KetchumTHE biggest obstacle for gymshippers everywhere. Although, Ash is the reason these two have met and become such good friends, he is also the one who is possibly unknowningly tearing Misty's little heart. You see, as much as Gymshippers hate to admit it, there is a spark between Ash and Misty, and probably the main one (besides J & J that is) in the show. Since Ash is the hero, it's most likely that she will go with him too. :( Little Ash is so young and naive that he has NO idea that Misty has a crush on him. (His low IQ doesn't help too much either.) If only his pokemon skills would help him in the social world. Misty obviously has, or has had a crush on both of them, or she will have a crush on both of them. When you're with someone that long, and you're that close to someone, it's just gonna happen. (Unless they're an old hobo named Charlie who stinks of iguana poo and always says,"I'm PEACHY!") *ahem* As I was saying, not only is Ash confusing Misty, he's so into winning badges and training, Misty and Brock don't really have much alone time. The only alone time they got was when they were in that hot springs together that Onyx dug. (I can't put that as evidence cuz we have no idea what happened down there!)

Togepi The most annoying character in the show is also a big factor between Misty and Brock. He even LOOKS annoying!

I mean, let's say MAYBE Brock and Misty are somewhere alone, and Ash is way far away er...finding something or another. The two start talking, and as they talk, let's say MAYBE Misty asks Brock something about girls. MAYBE he says, "I love you Misty." MAYBE she wants to say it back (not "I love you Misty", but "I love you Brock." ^_^;) Would she do it in front of Togepi? He's like a little kid but WORSE, and you just don't talk about that sorta stuff in front of little kids.

Hormone Boy!!! Poor Mr. Brockie, no matter what semi-pretty girl he runs into, he just has to hold her hands and tell her some corny pic up line. He can't help it. He's in a "stage" in his life right now. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if Brock never got over that. Misty gets jealous easily, and I don't think she could take that. (Even though, I think Brock would stop if he finally gets a gf. Although, that probably won't happen for a LOOOOONG time.)

Misty's Side of the Ship

Misty must have at least a little crush on Brock. She looks up to him. He's the smart one of the group-I notice that isn't saying too much. ^_^;; Anyway, who wouldn't like Brock?

Would Misty Start the Relationship?

It's obvious Misty must have some sort of a liking to Brock, but she's not one who spills out her feelings to everyone. But if she did think about telling him she'd probably be thinking, 'I sorta like Ash, but I sorta like Brock too,' or 'If I told Brock, it could be really awkward and it may ruin our friendship. How would I avoid him? Go back to my sisters?' get the idea.

Brock's Side of the Ship

Poor Brockie, just look at him, his hormones are goin crazy! Ah, the tanned, tonned, tall, gym leader that few people seem to hate. I think Misty is one of his closest friends, and certainly she's the closest girl-friend. As in friend, that is a girl. I don't think Brock really realizes that maybe the perfect girl is right in front of him. It's true, Brock's never seemed to think of Misty as a girlfriend (I'm talking gf-bf here now. ^_^;) but that's because when she first met him, he wasn't really into blushing and calling girls pretty, well he wasn't AS open about it. Besides, have you noticed, when he meets a younger girl, he usually says something about their looks when they leave, or he says it to someone else, and not to them? Mmm, Haley's observant today! He obviously can't say anything about Misty now, she would slap him over the head. Although it has slipped a couple of times (The Misty Mermaid, Princess Vs. Princess). Brock's got a kind heart, and he's usually very open about his feelings. I just don't think he really notices that he does care about Misty. I think if he finally does notice his feelings, he proably wouldn't tell Misty because he was afraid she would whack him over the head, he would wait for the right time. And then, I dunno when, but maybe something would happen that he would tell her, and then she'd be sorta shocked, but after a while, I think they would sort things out. So, basically it would mean that for them to get together, Brock would have to realize at first that he liked Misty, then something would have to happen where Togepi, Pikachu, Team Rocket, and Ash were gone, and they weren't searching for them because er...something happend, and they were alone, get my drift. So, basically, it would take a while for it to happen.

Official Opinions From Us

Haley-the idiot who is never quite sure of herself, but yet has stayed somewhat stable with gymshipping-Alrighty, here's pretty my conclusion. Misty likes Brock, and she knows it, but she's not too sure of it. Brock does like Misty, but he doesn't really know. I think these two would make a great couple! Except, of course, Ash is the hero, and as the hero he'll most likely get the girl. DAMN WRITERS! You never know though, and I do have hope that somehow it'll work out and Misty and Brock will be a couple in the end.

Dee, the Melodramatic One- Gymshipping, Gymshipping. 'Tis a beautiful thing, that. Truly there is no other word for it but: POETRY! Sweet innocent love between Senor Squinty and the Watermaiden herself! Only Rocketshipping outshines this bright mihoshi (star of hope) in the Pokémon Lovelines! Alas, I fear 'tisn't to be, for Ash stands, like an asteroid belt, blocking these shining stars from one another! But we shan't lose faith, my Gymshipping comrades, for where there is a will, there is a way (and as long as Brock keeps getting rejected and Ash keeps ignoring Misty's affection, we've still got a chance!) Viva Gymshipping! Huzzah!

Jess,Who Loves Gymshipping, and Is an Idiot!-Gym shipping, bah. Twerp shipping forever people! DUH! You idiots. Ash and Misty make the best couple..........GAHHH! BRAINWASHED! *Runs around until she hits a tree* Actually, I'm, like, the hugest gym shipper in the cosmos. BROCK AND MISTY FOREVER! If they have a kid, they should name it Mick. Or Bristy. Umm....right.

ST-Whose Almost As Indecisive As Me!-Whadda I think about Gymshipping... Hm.... O_o
Weeellll.... ST has never really given Gymshipping much of a chance, since its ALL ABOUT BROCK AND ST! *blink blink*... *coughs* Er, wait... that's not what I wanted to say... Ok. Here we go. I'm really starting this time! *clears throat* OKAY! Here I go: Gymshipping is increddibly cute, and there is some evidence (well, if you call the stuff we otaku scrape outta the show evidence) to it. I'm neither for or against it.... I'm not crazy about it, but I don't hate the idea. In fact, I enjoy a lotta Gymshipper fanfics! ^_^
ST: *winces* Was that... good enough? Arg... I'm having a hard time describing my opinions...

Jet, who has some stuff to say that some strict Gymshippers would not want to hear, but I think part of her is right-I think it's shit cause Misty's a slut and Brock doesn't have any eyes. Besides, Brock should go with Haley cuz I'm sick of hearing her talk about him. We need to get Haley a Brock whore.

Favorite Shippy Pics

Alright, I didn't feel like stealing and uploading a bunch of pics, because 1, I'm lazy, and 2. It's just easier. Er, that's one reason. Anyway, if you want some pics, just look at this section of this awesome Gymshipping Page

The Best Shippin Moment Award!
There have been a lot of little moments between Misty and Brock, but there haven't been that many big things. This is a hard decision but I think the winner is...

The Tower Dance!

This happened in the very begining of Pokemon, (in "The Mystery of the Lighthouse") and I found it rather surprising that there's this big creature out in the water, making a sound, SO BROCK ASKS HER TO DANCE?!?! Makes no sense, but I was thinking, it was the begining, and maybe Brock did find Misty pretty, and was hitting on her? Maybe, just maybe...
Ah, so now my little, er long, er medium sized, whatever discussion has come down to this: Basically, I find them a great couple, it's just a matter of if Ash falls in love with her, if Brock finally realizes how much he cares for her, and if Misty stops being so stubborn and tells her own feelings as well. ^_^; Nevertheless, they are great together.
Thank you, and God bless America *Dee whispers: You weren't talking about America* er right...^_^;;;

To the Pokemon Ward! :)